How To Create a Grassroots Movement Using Social-Networking Sites

Youve got an idea and boundless energy. Turn your dream of making a difference into reality by using social networks to spread the word. For more information on social movements, go to youthmovements.howcast.com
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  1. ArlanBerglas says:

    Thanks to World Peace One we will be able to promote this video to 3.5 billion people this summer!

  2. blahdie says:

    if youre using the internet it isnt a grassroots movement…


  3. IntellectualConcepts says:

    @Dollarboy1000 this video is for the sheep looking to become shepherds.

    and go ahead and talk smack, i was out fighting the wto in seattle while most sheep were wondering why.

  4. readtomdotcom says:

    this way the government can tell google to give them all your info on one handy file so you can all be rounded up and “dealt with accordingly.” HA HA…….don’t ever think that power is going to tell you how to stop power.

  5. kromdo1 says:

    ha ha – guess the days of the beer hall putsch are gone, (sigh)

  6. ilovejesus84 says:

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  7. growlingmetal says:


  8. Dollarboy1000 says:

    I’m so against this video. If you have to explain to the shepherd on how to gather sheep, then that person doesnt deserve to be a shepherd.

  9. aerialchris420 says:

    good video. thank you for the advice

  10. metalslug1988 says:

    well, it’s an idea, only problem is that it’s way too idealistic. On the bright side, at least more people will get to know about your cause.

  11. jimsottile says:

    Encouraging people to not do anything but click assures that they will be powerless in the future. Organizing constructive movements require hard and persistent work. A social networking site is part of that but a VERY small element of a truly transformative consensus building movement. You have to sweat!

  12. almightyprang says:

    How to herd stupid people. MOO…

  13. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    National Thong Month here we come!

  14. gabeEPICfails says:

    That’s actually a really cool idea .

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