How To Build Your Downline – The 1 Reason People Don’t Make It Happen

How To Build Your Downline – The 1 Reason People Don’t Make It Happen

Article by Terry Duff

You have probably heard the statistic that approximately 95% of network marketing businesses fail. Only about 5% of people who market an MLM succeed? Can that be true… and why so few? Is it because it is almost impossible to successfully operate an MLM? No! Are you now wondering if it is possible for you to build your own downline? The answer is absolutely YES you can… if you know how to get over the hurdle which trips up the majority of the 95%.

If you are like most people, when you first get into an MLM business, you are told to (and do) certain things to build your downline. You make your “warm market” list of friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. You purchase some promotional items and product samples. You study the business, its story and history, the product and its comp plan.

What typically happens from all of this is that initially you DO build your downline a bit. You get some of these folks into your business. You start to get a few checks and are able to pay yourself back for some of the money you invested in the business in the first place. Things at this point seem to be going exactly as they should be.

Then it happens… the brick wall!

A couple or a few months into it, things start to unravel. You run out of friends and family. After a month or two, many friends and family start to drop off. Retention issues start to set in and not only are you not building your downline, but you downline actually starts to SHRINK!

What do you do then? How do you get this back on track, and what can you do start to build your downline again?

If you are like many network marketers, this is where you run into trouble. After all, you have done everything your upline has taught you to do in order to build your downline. It is no wonder that the failure rate for these businesses is so high.

The good news is that there is a solution. You CAN build your downline, and build a large and profitable business. All you need to do is to understand a few fundamental and proven marketing principles, and have a plan of action that is doable and which WORKS.

Here is a list of some of the things you need to know, and know how to do, in order to build your downline:

1. Learn how to become the hunted instead of the hunter, i.e., learn how to stop chasing people and having to twist people’s arms to get them into your business. This is NO fun… and never works as a long-term practice to build a towering, profitable organization.

2. Learn how lead generation works, and how to generate leads in ways other than “pounding the pavement” and bugging friends and family. Also, learn how to generate leads that come in to you every single day so that you have lead abundance.

3. Learn how to get targeted traffic to your website. It’s time to switch your focus from building your downline by getting anyone you can convince to get into your downline, to building your downline by ATTRACTING targeted traffic to your website.

4. Learn basic copywriting principles. Forget anything you hear that you don’t need to know anything about copywriting in order to build your downline and build your MLM business. You need to learn how to craft compelling messages on your squeeze page or website so that prospects will want to submit their details. Then you also want to know about how to communicate with your list once you have their information.

So you can see that there is a lot involved in building a home based business, but if you take the time to learn some basics, you can build your downline like you never imagined (and, better yet, can be part of that 5% of MLM success stories!).

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