How to Build A Downline Without Getting In Your Own Way

How to Build A Downline Without Getting In Your Own Way

Article by David Reid

At every level, from the newbie to the internet marketer who has “seen it all,” most of us are aware of the immense potential of building a solid, participation-filled downline. In fact, the core of most IM programs revolves around this feature. Without the knowledge and ability to build a downline for yourself, you will continue to move from program to program never truly acknowledging that building a downline is just not your forte.

The Power of Effective Downline Growth

It is a sure bet that in your travels online you have seen, watched, or in some way heard of the compensation that comes with a successfully filling (and filled) downline. The numbers are enticing. You see the flow chart that shows how the “power of” this many or that provides a lucrative source of revenue for you and those who join you.

We have all witnessed programs that start at whatever cost – be it large or small – and how sheer numbers impact whether or not we will make money.

There is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the allure of finding a program that includes one’s ability to build and grow. From hundreds of dollars a month to even tens of thousands, a properly filled, participating downline holds your key to your future.

Seeing Is One Thing; Successfully Building Your Downline is Another

So you have found the ideal program that fits who you are, what your needs might be, and has goals that appear – on the surface – to be attainable. You ante up, and with excitement of the potential, you are ready to jump in, absolutely sure that this time around your quest to build the perfect downline will work.

And then you wait… and wait… and wait.

You start asking yourself,

o “What am I doing wrong? Why doesn’t anyone else see the potential?”

o “What is wrong with me, even if I can get a downline building, I cannot get them to move to the next level.”

The answer to those questions is simple; you lack the knowledge and know how to “close the sale” and get the person to take action. They may have a million excuses, but do you have the tools and power at your disposal to help them see, and overcome, their narrow view? Most people do not. Most of us are not “sales people,” so we do not know or use the tools every closer has in their arsenal. We lack the skill to build our downline.

The Art of Building a Robust Downline

Frankly building a downline is an art form. Your success or failure to build one may be you are getting in the way. An odd statement to make, yes, but too often it is true.

You can be your own worse enemy.

One factor I personally look for in a program is the ability to virtually sit back, do very little, and above all let someone else do my closing for me. I don’t have the time or patience or (sometimes) desire to do all the hard selling myself to build a downline. And, by choosing programs where professionals are enlisted to do the heavy lifting for me, I can successfully achieve my goals, help others fulfill theirs, and attend to other business.

But, I am also extremely picky. Even the best closers in the world will not help you if they cannot get the person to see the full potential of any given program.

If you can answer yes to the following questions, you need read no further:

o Can you explain, really explain, what you have joined over say the past year?

o Are you absolutely confident that the programs you have selected along the way are the right ones to tell others about in order to build a rock solid downline?

Most likely your answers are, “No I can’t” and “No I’m not.”

By deliberating making the decision to allow others to build your downline (close the sale) for you, your potential online grows exponentially. It means those within your downline come to the table equipped with knowledge about the program itself. They will be excited and pleased to know that they, too, have a team of experts at their disposal to handle the heavy lifting for them.

Your primary benefit (in addition to the program’s revenue potential) is freedom. Your confidence level rises. You are assured that those who do join with you have a full understanding of what “this” is all about, and thus, you are happy and they are happy.

To achieve your goals, get out of your way. Above all, IM on all levels is built around the growth of a well-groomed downline.

About the Author

David Reid, while successfully living the semi-retired life, knows there is more to the internet than sitting back watching others succeed or fail. He’s also smart enough to know when to step in and when to step back. Visit David, and learn the art of building a solid downline with the right program for yourself.

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