How to become a Social Media Manager Ryan Deiss & Kate Buck Jr

touchstone.infusionsoft.com – Click to get a free report on becoming a Social media manager. – In this video, Ed Bisquera explains how to become a Social Media Manager, one of the most in-demand newest jobs to hit the market. Managing and creating a social media marketing campaign and profiles, can be a lucrative job and business. Ryan Deiss and Kate Buck Jr of Austin, TX reveal how in a educational program, with true life, world knowledge and experience, that costs less than learning it on your own. Visit touchstone.infusionsoft.com for a free guide to what you can earn as a Social media manager today!

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  1. dbutcher555 says:

    @bondsocialmedia Hit me up when you can I too have been looking into getting in the field and plan on moving to NYC thanks!

  2. bajionline says:

    Totally true !! I learned from Kate Buck ~~ Awesome, awesome teacher and social media Diva

  3. bondsocialmedia says:

    @reegoo12 I’ve been actively working as a social media marketing educator and consultant for nearly 18 months and what Kate Buck Jr shows in her book is priceless information. Wish I had it, would’ve saved a ton of time and mistakes. I’d be happy to help you or give you more info. Feel free to visit my blog and reach me through the contact form. Look at my profile for more info. Thanks again for commenting! :-)

  4. bondsocialmedia says:

    @ATLARGETV I am currently working as a Social Media Marketing instructor, strategist and consultant, managing and monitoring multiple campaigns. It’s a great way to work and also a growing field. If you’re interested in getting more info or learning how to do this and possibly work in your area, feel free to contact me. Thanks! 🙂 Ed

  5. ATLARGETV says:

    Hey, Ed I watched the video and went to the website I have been doing something like this since Myspace started and I am ready to start a new venture in Social Media Management. tty soon.

  6. jdelphin says:


    let me know how it turns out for you ?

  7. reegoo12 says:

    I’ve looked at it and am currently taking the online classes.
    How long have you been doing what you have bee doing?
    I am very interested in this field and would love to know even
    more tips from people who have experience in this field.

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