How to Attract Women Easily – 1 Key To Become Magnetically Attractive To Women

How to Attract Women Easily – 1 Key To Become Magnetically Attractive To Women

Article by Noah “Mad Dawg” Tyrrell

I’m going to tell you the MAIN difference between the mindset of a guy and that of a girl, when going to a club. If you’re reading this, then you are a guy who wants to pick up girls. You see them, and you want them. Maybe you’ve had success in the past. Maybe you’ve never been laid before ever. Regardless, you want them.

So what does a guy like you (and I) do? We go out to the bars in search of these gorgeous women who are out and looking great. That’s the reason guys go to the bars and clubs.

What are the girls doing? They are out to DANCE. “Screw guys tonight, I just want to dance!!!!” And it’s true. But, only for social reasons. Girls can’t declare to themselves, “I’m going out tonight to get laid by a random guy!!”, because then they are “sluts”. So they go out and have a dance party and really just have a great time with their girlfriends.

See, these girls are in their own world, and having a GREAT TIME. Any dude who approaches these girls without a party raging inside him of equal or greater value is getting NOWHERE with them. After all, why would you go do something less fun (talk to a lame guy) than what you are already doing (dancing with your chicks yay!)? You wouldn’t.

The point?

Have your OWN party! “Screw girls, I just want to dance tonight, with my bros!! my Fellas!!” HELL YEA! You’ll be the only dudes in the club who are having fun, which right away does 2 things:

1. You get to HAVE FUN2. You stand out as the only dudes who can generate their own fun

Girls LOVE to be around Fun guys. Now this doesn’t mean you have to be a big homo dancing with guys all night. I’m not telling you that you have to dance with guys at all. I’m saying, enjoy yourself and your company, no matter who and where it is. Make your own party. Say something goofy to the girl next to you, throw her a huge smirk and a laugh and a bump on the shoulder. Mess around with everyone and do EXACTLY what you want to do, when you want to do it!

This ability to feel great and have a great time, anywhere and everywhere, is the core ability to becoming magnetically attractive to women and a social giant.

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Knowing this one tip alone will make you able to magnetically attract women.

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