How To Attract Health

How To Attract Health

Article by Mats Loefkvist

Become a magnet of health

If you ever have been playing with a magnet, you know that around a magnet there is an invisible magnetic field. When a nail comes in contact with this magnetic field, it will be drawn to the magnet, as if by magic. The nail has no choice.

When the nail comes in contact with the magnetic field it becomes a temporary magnet itself. If you take it out of the magnetic field, the nail goes back to its natural state. How does this happen?

The atoms in a nail are pointing in all directions and canceling out each others electromagnetic charge. Contrary, the atoms in a magnet are perfectly lined up and their north and south pools face in the same direction.

When a magnet attracts a nail, the atoms in the nail begin to line up to match the atoms in the magnet, to becoming like the magnet.

Are you the magnet or the nail?

If you want to become something or attract something you must try to be in the magnetic field of an area or person that you like to become.

If you like to be healthy you must be with healthy people as they will, like the magnet, align your energy to attract more health.

On the contrary, if you are healthy and concentrate on health, people looking for health will be attracted to you. The more aligned and focused you are, the stronger your attraction power.

Commitment transmits

If you are committed to health you will be a transmitter sending out an invisible signal to every person around you that are in tune with your commitment or message.

In school we made experiments with tuning forks. If you tap a tuning fork, it begins to vibrate and hum, sending out sound vibrations through the air. If you place another tuning fork, calibrated to the same note nearby, the second fork picks up on this vibration and begins to vibrate in harmony with the first fork.

When you are energized and passionate about something, you are also sending out an invisible signal that can be picked up by everyone. People and circumstances in your life start to resonate and hum with your purpose.

like magic, unexpected things start to appear and new ideas start to flow to help you accomplish your committed goals and tasks.

Commitment is the key to start the transmission and magic.

Are you committed to your health?

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