How to add Facebook Application to your Fan Page / Fanpage

www.facebook.com How to add Facebook Application to your Fan Page / Fanpage. Facebook has made some recent changes and you no longer have an application so you can ad a landing tab to your page. You must follow the new instructions in this video in order to add the landing tab now to your Facebook Fan page. Here’s the URL you need to connect the application to your fanpage. www.facebook.com &display=popup&next=YOUR_URL
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  1. bula3405 says:

    Thank you great video manage to create the tab after hours of trying. Question, how do we move tabs around in tab area so your preferred tabs show first. Thanks..

  2. FaceDominator says:

    Facedominator helps online business owners to create Facebook account on a large scale quickly so that they can widen their network on Facebook and gain more traffic towards their business. check my channel now!!!!

  3. ibndawood86 says:

    Thank you very much for this video. I spent 1 hr searching for this.

  4. MichaelBoryAlis says:

    Too difficult. There is a network company going to launched in January of 2012 that automatically interfaces with Facebook, most MLM’s are not easily duplicatible, this one is.


  5. Kathy Rodriguez says:

    I still can not get it to work.. i am just getting a error…Frustrating as I am great at the computer… If I reccamend this to my team it is going to be a nightmare!

  6. PatrickMatthew86 says:

    I have one thing to add to that. If someone has already followed the second instructional video on the MLSP Facebook Application page, they would have already added the word “tab” to the end of their Canvas Callback URL on the facebook page; therefore, when they enter that URL at the end of the one that you have provided, they need to be sure to include “tab” at the end of it, otherwise it will just show as an error page.

  7. MichaelBoryAlis says:

    How do you cause you computer screen to be on the screen.

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