How The Social Network Should Have Ended

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  1. BOTlolz says:

    I’m bringing Facebook baack, YEAH!

  2. AceSPG says:

    @GSPFAN94 really? well glad I didn’t watch the movie then 😛

  3. thebest360gamerguy says:

    the guy who says he spiderman is andrew garfield and he is spiderman in the new movie spiderman rebot

  4. babyboo3ish says:

    ugh my dad made me watch this……like i wanna know how facebook was started and what not.

  5. Airsoftman67 says:

    it sounds like the angry nerd is playing the twins lol. with his deep voice inpression of the sega master system in the console wars thing lol.

  6. Fernandinhosurf55 says:

    @HalfSpengineer Dude thats impossible… they are all multibillioners.. sorry bazilioners, just like Zuckerberg ….and they saw their life story in this video, and they didn’t like the way they were portrait

  7. HalfSpengineer says:

    @Fernandinhosurf55 They just dont like this 😐

  8. ImDaCommentator says:

    lol’d @ 1:28

  9. TheMiguelProductions says:

    HISHE I not so secretely hate your coolness

  10. lovetv13 says:

    haha She burns the scarf at 1:08 XD

  11. megadude86 says:

    Im no joke! Im spider man! ;D if anyone didn’t get that, he said it because the actor who plays him in the social network will actually play peter parker (spiderman) in the new SM movie.

  12. IWillRunAlways says:

    hahahaha 1:28

  13. EXIDNA24 says:

    @iluvchoclate001 no-no ) before that… it was lasting for 10 seconds

  14. uihanZLy says:


  15. KMSigler says:

    lol the irony? Eisenberg is older that Zuckerberg XD

  16. GSPFAN94 says:

    hahahha this is pretty much the movie wrapped up in 2 minutes and thirty seconds

  17. iluvchoclate001 says:

    @EXIDNA24 sexy back- justin timberlake

  18. roweezyana says:


  19. Skyhighblu says:

    LMAO I’m crackin up! this is the whole movie, lol she burned the scarf

  20. lavacamoo32 says:

    @yeeaaa04298 lmfao xD

  21. yeeaaa04298 says:

    plus i was waiting for someone to punch him in the face during the actual movie lol

  22. yeeaaa04298 says:

    i am not a joke! i am spiderman!

  23. adman240 says:


  24. Ghosst182 says:

    “Well excuuuuuuuuse me!” Classic.

  25. EXIDNA24 says:

    What SONG PLAYING after Mark said “I’m sorry” ?????????

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