How Social Networking Sites Help SEO? Know Its Other Advantages

How Social Networking Sites Help SEO? Know Its Other Advantages

Article by Priyajit Singh

There are plenty of places where you can able to get help and suggestions from many experts when it comes to SEO and about increasing traffic to your website. The success is only when your site starts getting quality and targeted traffics to your site. It is very important to optimized your site with search engine in order to get organic traffic where visitors comes only when they find something interesting and useful to read. These targeted search engine traffics can help increase your sale and make your site success.

But the question is how come social networking sites help improve your site SEO? After several research and expert’s advice, it is come to the point that links from social networking sites are now counting as backlinks. I believe most of the people know that creating a profile and dropping your site link will count as a backlink but what about links shared by your friends and friend’s of friend or the number of retweets made by your followers and site visitors?

After going through several SEO sites, its clear that most of the search engines can read and counts number of social shares and even some experts says that search engines counts each share as a backlink. So whenever your site link get shared by someone means you get a social backlink. This is not just only help create backlinks but also helps you drive massive number of traffics to your site.

Other Advantages of Social Networking Sites

The big social networking services like Google+, Twitter, Myspace and Facebook have quite good numbers of business pages, band pages, community pages and many celebrity pages which helps spread new updates all the time with their social page users or their followers. This services will work for the best of all who like to spread their products and name fame in small period of time.

Some other social providers allow you to create multiple hubs and pages, but not all allow the same. Social networking benefits to your business are most effective when you discover a way to utilize more than just a single page, so this may benefit you to use multiple email addresses and have more than one page with the same brand name. Multiple pages may help increase your exposure on the internet.

So, Using Social networking sites have many advantages to get promote your sites and it also has SEO benefits. These sites should be use wisely and need to be stay away from spamming.

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