How Social Media Ruins Dating

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  1. googliebear8 says:

    @jkeith112 not the first to know u have a sexy ass voice and to know that you are handsome

  2. Gabby TW says:

    I agree fully!

  3. Louise Welsh says:

    Great video! Please anyone follow me on twitter: welsh_louise

  4. BiBiGiNR1 says:

    I wanna marry your lips! Dat smile, just, woaw…
    I love you *boy that escalated quickly*

  5. Leonel Franco says:

    Hey whats up everybody im a new you tuber hoping to better my content and build my audience if you have a second come check out my channel thanks bye 🙂

  6. Mariah McCord says:

    Oh my gosh he’s so smooth but nit gonna lie i felt like i was church lol but thats alright

  7. Crfish123 says:

    you’re so smooth

  8. smile92kid says:

    you’re very handsome

  9. sandyyy1830 says:

    @thenaturalrants your voice is sexy.. love it.. i love your music too:)

  10. nena2390 says:

    I don’t follow you on any social media sites, just saying. Guess that means we should get to know each other 🙂

  11. Myra Vargas says:

    Yep! I totally agree its so much better not knowing that person at all! Social Networking kind of ruins that.

    The mystery is always the best part of getting to know someone.

  12. karina bautista says:


  13. greenrainbows11 says:

    Your hella right. Not only that but hella unnecessary drama starts on social media. People even cheat on each other through it! Social media is for nosey ass chismosos too. Smh

  14. zoe hodnett says:

    Your eyes are pritty lol

  15. Haydee Lopez says:

    that is so true!! wow i just love the way you think!! 🙂

  16. Farmerzvillin says:

    You’re not the only one bro, don’t get to happy.

  17. Glennis Nunn says:

    I completely agree with you, I’m glade I wait to see who that person really is off line.

  18. Jahkai Williams says:


  19. jamesfisher94 says:

    You could write a persuasive essay with this

  20. LovelyRoseGold says:

    All off this is true!

  21. RuRu S. says:

    So true

  22. Jay Berrones says:

    Love it

  23. janelangelena says:

    Church; preach lol

  24. Lesly Reyes says:

    You would make a good preacher and you kinda look like my algebra teacher from last year

  25. 13Elfs5Cassies says:

    This is why I choose, yes choose, not to have a facebook or instagram or all the other social media crap.

    The reason: If I don’t care what you have to say to my face, why should I care for something even more unimportant than that?

    Plus what is usually said/tweeted/pictured is fabricated bull shit and makes it harder to see real people. Also I don’t like anybody knowing me too well unless I actually, sincerely like them.

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