How Set Up Your Silver Fox Lead Factory Profit Center Maximum Profits Make Money YouTube

Go here www.SilverFoxLive.com to learn how you will be able to email your money making opportunity to hundreds – thousands – even millions of prospects every week by having your downline help you build a massive list of leads and remember this system cost you – ZERO – to use… Make Money With Harvey The Silver Fox call Harvey 602-845-9433 FREE EMAIL BLASTER & CONTACT MANAGER PLUS 100 FREE LEADS EVERY DAY ANY MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITY YOU ARE WORKING No where will you find a F,R,E,E email marketing system where you can receive 100 F,R,E,E leads every day for any money making opportunity you are working with a weekly email blaster- broadcasting system sending your best message to YOUR leads and YOUR downline leads. Forget about those one time email blasting systems where you need to pay each time you want to send out an email. Once your leads are in your Silver Fox Lead Factory you can send them an email message every week – week after week – costing you nothing. Your F,R,E,E email management system offers an unlimited download of thousands, hundreds of thousands even millions of email leads. You will be able to manage these unlimited leads in your Silver Fox Lead Factory back office. Send them an email, follow-up with a phone call, make notes, group them into active and inactive, check to see if they opened the email and how many times, check to see if they clicked on a link, keep stats, send out an email broadcast to your leads, every time our admin sends an email YOUR
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