How Real Estate Investors Can Use Social Networking Sites

How Real Estate Investors Can Use Social Networking Sites

Article by Kimberly Dudley

Real estate investing ideas on ways to use social networking sites to build a lucrative business

There’s a lot of Real Estate Investors spending time on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, etc. Have you ever wondered what the big deal is? why is everyone always talking about social networking sites? These sites are popular because we permit you to network with other groups that share the same interests as you do. The sites also do not charge unless you plan to utilize their advertising options or special services. A social networking site is a place investors can go to reach out to potential customers immediately.

1. Relationship Building

After gathering a list of friends with like interests than start posting valuable information that will perk their interest in you, post images that will intrigue people to ask you questions, set up events and invite your friends or followers to the events, offer something of value like a free educational recording, report or eBook. Some real estate investors even give advice concerning the current housing market situation. All of these things will permit you to start building trust and relationships online.

2. Communication

Real estate investors share updates or important information on networking sites. If you have an investment opportunity, available property, special service, announcement, business expansion or even a promotion of some sort than social networking keeps your customers at your finger tips.

3. Build a List of Customers

If you’re getting started with marketing your business online than social networking is the most cost efficient way to start gathering a list of potential customers. Go onto any social networking site and search for the niche that you are most interested in reaching. You can search for your niche and mix it with a city if you wish to start focusing on the local area first. Look for anyone that could benefit from using your services or even look for someone that you could learn from. Once you find someone of interest then invite them to be your friend or follower. Most will be happy to start a professional networking relationship with you. Why do you think they’re there?

4. Make Connections For Future Profit

Another way to use social networking is to make valuable connections. If you’re interested in kicking your business in to high gear than networking is priceless. Plenty of deals are made by referrals in real estate investing. Make sure you try to connect with people that are successful or have similar interests as you. Find out what we are currently working on and ask them if there is anything that you can do to help them out? three times you are able to help anybody else then this creates a strong connection or bond that will have them wanting to help you out as well.

All of the above tactics are used to start building customer relationships online. Beware…the social networking sites can be time consuming or distracting because they’re so darn fun. Make sure you focus on them only 1-2 hours a day or your day may well pass you by.

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