How I Would Start FBA Today! | 3 RELIABLE Ways To Get Started In A Fulfillment By Amazon Business!

I’ve noticed lately that there is a TON of “noise” out there right now about Fulfillment By Amazon. I personally think that it is VERY COOL to have so many d…
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  1. ceramictilepro says:

    I just signed up with FBA and sell my grout repair products. One of my
    products “Epoxy Bond” is my baby and really think it will climb it’s way
    above the big boys like Dap, Silicone and Sealants. Haven’t really thought
    about selling other items but it sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. ResaleRookie says:

    Just DO IT, people. I watched tons of videos, heck, I didn’t even buy any
    books, but I still signed up for Amazon, listed items, sold them, and then
    signed up for fba, and sent in a box, even though I was nervous about
    leaving my products in the hands of someone else, and it was easy. Once you
    complete that first shipment, it’s like riding a bike with training wheels.
    Just do it, and learn by experience.

  3. colust says:

    Hi Rob, hope things are going well. I have tried RA again here in the UK
    and I just cant find anything. I have scanned around 50 items in the last
    two weeks and I have found nothing. I think I said before I am more than
    happy to give you some of my profits. I can find books on a regular basis
    but I just cant seem to get into RA or anything well ranked. 

  4. DollarMoves says:
  5. Shawn Searcy says:

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into the new upcoming book, still
    reading it, been slammed getting new products int FBA but very happy so far

  6. SyberPrepper says:

    Thanks. Lots of great information.

  7. colust says:

    Nice video but from my experience you cant make thousands of dollars for 10
    hours work a week. It would take that at least to send all your stuff into
    FBA let alone find it.

  8. Philip Cressey Jr says:

    Great tip Rob. My problem that is holding me back from in excelling with
    FBA is a scanner. I finally have an android smartphone. But I am
    overwhelmed with which scanner to get and my heart drops down to my feet
    when I look at prices and not knowing which one to get. Right now I can’t
    afford to get one. Then I see a PDA packaged for $500!!!! Where in Hades
    do I get that kind of money?! With my luck with technology it will be
    broken when it arrives or I will break it within a weeks time. That is
    such a huge risk for me. What is also perplexing is trying to figure out
    which scanner service companies to utilize. They all seem so expensive
    with a monthly rate and then upsells for other things I probably would not
    want or use, makes me suspicious. Confusing and overwhelming. Everybody
    wants all of what little money I am barely able to make, greedy people.

  9. Qasim Seyal says:

    great info Rob. Like the new location!

  10. anotheruinaminute says:

    Awesome video, I have registered with all states (FBA states) and is ready
    to go! Someone below mentioned Nexus. My “go to” place to understand it all
    has been Taxjar.com as well as the people mentioned in this video. I will
    say the most surprising thing that I heard on the tail end was that sellers
    (or at least FBA) need liability insurance. It makes perfect sense and I’m
    sure will give you a piece of mind. See a good CPA to get your questions
    answered and take the plunge, there’s money to be made. Happy selling!

  11. Cang Nguyen says:

    The funny thing holding me back is I’m waiting to lose my job which is at
    the end of this month. How many people can say theyre excited to see that
    happen to them. Im ecstatic. Gives me plenty of time to absorb all this FBA
    knowledge like a sponge. I cant wait.

  12. William Whitfield says:

    Did I missed something? we’re overloaded with information but we should get
    more information?

  13. Maya Says... says:

    All good resources Rob. Thanks!

  14. Tawny Lovell says:

    I just love you lol…I sent you a comment the other day about this!!! I
    thank you for the inspiration to do this Rob. Yes I’m overwhelmed and I
    guess that is why I have seemed to pick you out of all the info out there.
    I will surely start with those books I have. Also, yrs ago I used to go to
    garage and estate sales and collected copper tea kettles. I paid $3 ea. and
    have seen them on Amazon for hundreds each. What a great way to make me
    cash to help my sister with her cancer treatments!!! Thank you Rob!!!! I’m
    glad I watched the vids with Steve and JD….that’s how my journey began.
    Well, At least the research began there. I still haven’t made the ” move”
    but I’m working on it asap.
    Thank you thank you thank you :)

  15. Annette Atwood says:

    Hi, I have had some success with FBA since last summer, however it seems
    more difficult to find profitable products to sell. It’s too hard to
    compete with Amazon & then every time I find a profitable product someone
    else also does & they undercut & destroy the good price. Chris G says to
    forget the 3 x rule, however Jessica says she only sells items that give
    her a 100 % mark up. So which one do I pick? Thanks!

  16. ShoryoTombo says:

    My droid phone will not accept the profit bandit app and can’t afford the
    scan power for now. Any other options? I just purchased the Arbitrage by
    Chris Green through your link. Thank you!

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