How Hot? – Ask Sawyer (VideoBlog96)

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  1. Valeria Herrera says:

    both of them tweeted´╗┐ about iht ­čśë

  2. synniii says:

    A young Chris Brown was the very first thing i thought, listening to the “Believe” album! I’ve just started watching some of your videos, and vlogs. I love that you’re so down to earth and well spoken and freakin’´╗┐ hilarious at the same time!:D

  3. amazingyummy2 says:

    sexy boii´╗┐

  4. TheMeowmuffins says:

    Wow, how are´╗┐ you even real Sawyer. xoxo

  5. BsophieeeB says:

    Thanks for answering my´╗┐ question!! Btw, I´╗┐ asked if you spoke italian ­čÖé

  6. BEEEA97 says:

    you’re so cute´╗┐ XD

  7. Emily G says:

    yay after the video..´╗┐

  8. ShanaJ2006 says:

    its on twitter. both of their´╗┐ accounts

  9. jeninajeah says:

    how´╗┐ do you guys know that blair and him broke up?

  10. Elizabeth Oceguera says:

    Hey I was wondering if you could direct or write or act in´╗┐ any genre( I think that’s how it spelled) what would it be and why? This goes for every one

  11. BlAsZeMiranda says:

    I Thought You Guys Broke Up ? It Says June 20, 2012 On The Day´╗┐ You Put This Video Up 0.o . . .

  12. ArianaGrandeForeva says:

    This was my b day´╗┐

  13. audriana1998 says:

    They did, but probably not at the time of´╗┐ this video.

  14. audriana1998 says:

    Except, unfortunately they´╗┐ are not together anymore.

  15. MrBha07 says:

    Go´╗┐ judy and benji

  16. jaguarfan1999 says:

    I Thought´╗┐ You 2 Broke Up?

  17. oKazumi69 says:

    is he´╗┐ rich?

  18. tweehugga0123 says:

    Judy and Benji use to be my favorite Youtube Couple but of course, you and Blair are´╗┐ quickly replacing them.

  19. RMBvids says:

    Haha!! The thing about the YMCA´╗┐ at Johnny rockets! ­čÖé

  20. Gabby Ferrara says:

    i know how ya feel! i live at the jersey shore and people´╗┐ are like that except not alll of us ­čÖé

  21. AllThingsJessica3 says:

    come´╗┐ watch my beauty videos!

  22. TorchwoodRocks145 says:

    Sawyer, i think you skipped VideoBlog94, but whatevs´╗┐

  23. tamara knust says:

    where is 94´╗┐ vlog?

  24. Tori Beth says:

    HOLA! ´╗┐ Jersey’s not all bad…I promise <3

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