How Employee Advocacy is Rocking the Social Media Marketing World

Sign up to learn more: https://app.addvocate.com/signup?q=6316 Sheridan Gaenger, head of customer success at Addvocate hosts former Intel brand ambassador, Mike Bruny for a conversation about.
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  1. Addvocate says:

    How can companies excite & motivate users to be involved with an employee
    advocacy platform? [10:45] http://add.vc/c0iT 

  2. Evolution Rock Metal Podcast says:

    Excellent interview and insight!

  3. Tom Zbaren says:

    Thanks Sheridan for hosting this. Very exciting to have discovered you.

  4. AmbassadorBruny says:

    Thank you Sheridan and the Addvocate crew for a great time. 

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