How Do You Generate Traffic To An Online Business Website

How Do You Generate Traffic To An Online Business Website

Article by Michelle Jayes

Your online business blog is all set up and you love writing and are happily adding content as well as looking into doing some article marketing to generate more targeted traffic to your site, but somehow nothing seems to be happening. You know that the content you are adding to your blog is filled with useful information and you continue for another few days, but still nothing happens, your traffic stats are non existent. Right now you most probably are wondering whether you are just wasting time.

You know that you need traffic, because without traffic you will not make any sales. Let’s look at a few different tips and ideas on how to get targeted traffic to a website.

Usually bloggers, particularly those who tend to pay very little attention to their traffic statistics, have any idea of whether they can get targeted traffic to their blogs and they carry on without giving any thought to the importance of generating traffic and the contribution that it makes to how one survives online. If nobody seems to be interested in what you write about, that should have your alarm bells ringing loud and clear.

If you are an active blogger then you should be able to turn your blog into an asset with a bit of concerted effort. It is completely possible provided you understand what you need to do in order to promote yourself and build a list of followers. Over a period of time you will find that you email list will become a list of customers who will happily purchase goods or services from you, as you develop a relationship with them and they learn to trust you and the things that you recommend.

How to get targeted traffic to a blog.

What you need to consider here is whether you can drive sufficient traffic or not, remembering that the more traffic you are able to generate the better chance your chance of having success with your online business blog. In order to turn your thoughts and ideas into a profitable venture you should keep these tips in mind.

Ensure that you have an email subscription form set up on your blog and invite people to join. Give away something that is useful such as a a report or an e-book which will entice people to leave their name and email address in exchange. This is the basic of building a subscriber list.

Make it a point to read follow blogs belonging to other people in the same niche as you and comment when given the opportunity. Make sure that any comment you leave is useful and informative and is relative to the topic being discussed in the article. These comments should mirror your blogging ability and so capture the interest of others who will then follow you back by following the link to your blog.

Make use of the Ping-O-Matic feature that pings your work to blog directories whenever you publish new content as this gives you more exposure. Submit your blog to blog directories and make sure that you have a link to your blogs in the email signature file.

Always include the link to your blog on any newsletter that you send out and also any other type of correspondence that you provide. Ensure that you have an RSS feed URL set up as it will encourage people to subscribe, and make it a habit to post content to your blog regularly, as the more you post the better the chance is of people wanting to subscribe.

Utilizing these ideas in your daily routine will go a long way towards increasing traffic to your blog and not just any old traffic, but targeted traffic that will be interested in the same things as you are.

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