How Do I – Lee Ryan

How Do I – Lee Ryan

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  1. hardsdoll says:

    i have cried sooooo much cuz of this song :D:D:D

  2. wwwLOZANOcommk says:


  3. bikBemboo says:

    for a sec i thought that was the actual dude who was singing….

    anyways, AMAZING VOICE LEE!!!!!

  4. L05t4l1f3 says:

    he is british!!

  5. INDOCHIEUSE says:

    yes, he’s british.

  6. alwaysright9199 says:

    is he singing in british accent???

  7. MaRyCriLee says:

    It brings back lots of memories…..

  8. mileyleeblue says:

    well sorry then i thought u really meant him those days..;P

  9. honestjohntellsit says:

    It was a joke because an old man is singing in the video. 😐

  10. mileyleeblue says:

    this is the song that can make me cry..have memmories..his angel voice goshh!!
    why good singers dont got the most views!:/

  11. Rachy231 says:

    Lee follows me on twitter 🙂 <3

  12. honestjohntellsit says:

    Lee Ryan’s looking older these days.

  13. Minh Duc Chuang says:

    me and my gf listened to this song 3 years ago, i asked her if she would ever leave me, she smiled and kissed me. and now she is going with sb else, now i’m the only one who listen to this song with tears in my eyes, heart and soul…….. and keep wondering “how do i?” !!!

  14. sexysteveontour10 says:

    Is it not no ?

  15. BluebirdintheSky says:


  16. milat31 says:

    still listening 2012 ((

  17. blue60190 says:

    my fav song of leeryan!!!!!!

  18. SandraBlondie says:

    This is so damn BEAUTIFUL. Wow *.*

  19. fuckingambrosia says:

    me too :°(

  20. ImmerLM says:

    Always and forever LEE!

  21. sweeet952 says:

    this song makes me sad, it reminds me a very sad moments in my life
    and the way he sing the song make it more sad and very very wonderful

  22. jesuisfait says:

    Seems like every place, every person we knew, every sound every taste, reminds me of you..

  23. jesuisfait says:

    <3 this song...

  24. hazimhct says:

    Oh man, this song can make my cry every single day w/o getting bored

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