How do i know if i am in an Online Multi level marketing company that really works?

How do i know if i am in an Online Multi level marketing company that really works?

Article by Katie Hazzard

If you have found this page you have probably been searching the Internet for Online Multi level marketing opportunities and or information to help you with your Online Multi level marketing opportunity. I have written this article to highlight some of the main traditions and some points on things you should look out for when choosing your Online Multi level marketing company to make sure you are in one that really works and if not help you find one that does.The points i will cover are: Working so hard on your Online Multi level marketing company without seeing the return, time versus reward and small commissions.Do you feel like you are working so hard on your Online Multi level marketing company without seeing the return? Spending your days delivering 100’s of leaflets, going back over the samestreets again and again because we are told “you have to deliver to the same house at least 3 times before someone will read your leaflet” and even then out of the 100’s of leaflets you deliver, you may still only get 1 or 2 people contact you about your product or service? Leaflets are fine if you have a small budget and only expect small results but if you want to start an Online Multi level marketing company, which will give you financial freedom, it’s time to do things a little differently. Bring your company into the 21st century.Have you stood in the street asking people to fill in a survey for you, desperately trying to find that one person who is going to say “yes” and be interested in your Online Multi level marketing company’s product or business plan? What would be really great is if those people were coming to find you instead of the other way around. Can you imagine only speaking to the people who are already interested in what you have to offer? The return on your hard work would be so much greater.”Just contact your friends and family and let them know what you are doing” Does this sound familiar? Contacting friends and family with yet another Online Multi level marketing company or opportunity. Believing that this is the one that will make you millions but no one else shares your view. What if you never had to contact your friends and family again? What could this mean for your business and your credibility, having your friends and family coming to you in a few months time once you start to make an extra income. When they want to know what you are doing this time which has made a difference in your life.Another thing which is overlooked with your quest to become financially free, with your own Online Multi level marketing company, is Time Verses Reward.We are taught that time versus reward is the reason you want to work for yourself. To be free of a boss and the ties of a 9-5 JOB (Just Over Broke). But spending hours advertising your Online Multi level marketing company by delivering leaflets, filling in surveys and putting up posters in the community is not the best way to leveraging your time.After all there is only so much of this you can do in one day. Sure, the idea is that you create a team who also follow this same plan of going out and making themselves known in the community and market place. In reality it takes an awful lot of people, hours and leaflets before you are making any kind of return on your time spent, let alone the millions you have been counting on. The best way to leverage your time is to have a system which works for you, even when you are not working. A system which can be set up while you are working, to continually produce results for you when you are not. This would mean that you are, in theory, able to make money while you sleep. Using the power of the Internet this can be done so that your Online Multi level marketing company starts to offer you great rewards verses your time.Small Commissions; we are all looking to start our own Online Multi level marketing company to make money. There are lots of companies out there that claim you can make a great deal of money by following their system. The one thing I would always look for on any site which has testimonials or income statements is that they have a legal disclaimer explaining the details of the statements. This shows the company is not wanting to mislead you in any way and reiterates the fact that making money requires hard work otherwise we would all be millionaires.With this in mind it is important to recognise that the money you do make from your Online Multi level marketing opportunity directly links to the commissions you receive from the sales you make and your down-line produce (if this is part of the model you are working with). Realistically, products which have a low retail value will in turn produce a low commission, even though the percentage you receive for the sales of the product may be high, 50 or 60%. This is still only 50 or 60% of a lower value. When looking at this and working your dream income back to the steps you must do each day in order to get there, it is important to think about the hours it will take to build this revenue. It is also interesting to look at the difference it would make to you and your Online Multi level marketing business if the values of the products you sell were a lot higher. Receiving those same commissions with a higher value product will in turn boost your revenue and propel your Online Multi level marketing business into the realm you wish to be in.I hope I have highlighted some important points to look out for when choosing an Online Multi level marketing company and the importance of getting a return on your hard work. Remember, you need a system which will work for you while you are not working. Your time versus reward. Get paid over and over again for work you have already done using a method which is very different. And the most important point of all, the commissions you earn for the work you do. If the value of your product is low no matter how big the commission percentage is you are still going to have to sell a lot of product to make a high revenue. To read a very important letter which changed my life and to find out more about the system I use, please follow this link http://www.nomoremlmnightmares.co.uk

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