How a Formula 1 team builds a f1 car around its driver

A behind the scenes video shot at McLaren. Design engineer Scott Bain is in charge of everything the driver comes into contact with in the cockpit. Here he s…

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  1. gelyn miranda says:

    the guy is going bald

  2. samuel gerson says:

    I am racing pilot and it’s very wonderful

  3. Inga Kulikauskienė says:



  4. samuel gerson says:

    Wonderful !!

  5. Ballboy57 says:

    Great race! I really enjoyed this one! Keep up the good work!

  6. SeaRanger311 says:

    So do they go in with a stock standard seat and then have it molded to the
    driver or is there no seat in there and the foam bag moulds around them?

  7. lafuelsa22 says:

    lewis ”the badass” hamilton

  8. re98 wlk says:

    builds “a” f1 car? moron! builds AN f1 car!

  9. puddingpants7 says:

    @garethkielty Nothin like the first time eh xD . well as a kid he used to
    make the race exciting at the start by shouting or something lol… and I
    would get excited too, plus his voice was powerful compared to legard who
    rambles alot : / I mean I like the guy he just doin his job but I prefer
    Allen he kept me in it soemtimes and at least he let Martin Brundle speak
    too lol. Allen seemed more like a well educated fan, Legard more like a ‘do
    it by the book’ kinda guy you know? : /

  10. garethkielty says:

    @singningwongho coulthard and brundle are awesome together. james allen is
    a lead commetator and coulthard is a co commentator. that means brundle
    would have to go so no..coulthard wins

  11. Sortsylic says:

    James Allen looks like John Schnatter lol

  12. ComradeOblivious says:

    @garethkielty I’ve been watching since Tyrrell got a podium in Detroit with
    one Jean Alesi, Leyton House went on to get their first podium later that
    year. Trust me, James Allen wished he was Murray Walker. Jonathan Legard at
    least used his own style instead of trying to imitate someone else.

  13. puddingpants7 says:

    @garethkielty Wow i’ve never seen someone ask for James allen back not many
    people like him for some reason.

  14. FreeiPhoneOffers says:

    A good insight

  15. Tokyography TV says:

    Amazing!! So much detail on F1 you got a guy just working on keeping the
    cockpit comfortable for the pilot

  16. JT84_456 says:


  17. Adam Franks says:

    Jambwoy876 hit it dead on. Start young. Very young. Lewis started his first
    relationship with Mercedes at 13 or so. Most of them started competitive
    karting ALL the time before they were even 10 years old. Pick up
    sponsorships, work your way over a decade or two into various levels of
    karting, into F3, GP2, and if you’re VERY good, very young, and have a lot
    of sponsorship, you just might get noticed and signed by a lower level F1
    team and work from there…

  18. puddingpants7 says:

    @garethkielty LoL hey same! : D

  19. yipikayee says:

    @CeLLBuR I think its the brake.

  20. Shad Jennings says:

    I’d like to be fitted on and around that driver!

  21. Mikey Boii says:

    Lol good video!!!!

  22. conz078 says:

    There’s a key- You need to fight various champions, the last champ is
    Jackie Stewart. He has what you’re after. Go get ’em, champ!

  23. lilbro209 says:

    Who else wants to get a hold of this mock up cockpit and make a sim racing
    rig out of it?

  24. garethkielty says:

    @singningwongho your an embarrassment to the F1 fan base

  25. ComradeOblivious says:

    @garethkielty You think Legard was a cock and you like Allen? You’re a crap
    judge of character. DC and MB forever.

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