How A Breakthrough Can Change You – Daegan Smith

workwithpetebennett.com Breakthroughs come in many different ways. This one is not of a technical nature. Discover the simplicity.
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  1. strokeoffortune says:

    Thankyou… wishing you every success..Pete

  2. strokeoffortune says:

    Thanks Joanie..much appreciated

  3. CoreMLMTips says:

    Peter That Had Depth – Thank You For Sharing – To Your Success ~ Chucks

  4. investmentinserenity says:

    Straight from the heart Peter……nothing like a wake up call like that to bring clarity for you….really enjoyed listening. Thank You, Joanie

  5. strokeoffortune says:

    Thank you Daegan for your kind words

  6. strokeoffortune says:

    Thank you for commenting. … Nobody steals your dreams..Period!
    Stay well

  7. robbiefulton says:

    Great video, thank you for filming it. love the quote that “people can’t steal your dreams” good work!

  8. daegansmith says:

    That was highly motivating. Thank you so much for sharing that piece of you!

  9. marythayer says:

    Loved you video and story! Thanks for sharing!

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