25 Replies to “Houston Texans vs. The New England Patriots”

  1. My steelers have six Super Bowls so the patriots are not the best team by far we will be on the couch this playoffs lol so keep trying gaydy

  2. i’ll tell you what tho Billy Brady was in his own turf if they were in Reliant it’ll be a whole different ball game i’ll tell you that much Bobby!

  3. Talking about the spy gate. Just as bad if you use steroids in the Olympics. If it would had been a fair clean game without it. Things may had been different. It’s like when you play online and you go into a lobby and find out your in a lobby full of boosters or hackers who ruin the game for you. Where is the fun and fairness at? Nowhere. That being said. A cheaters will always be a cheater. Ignorant people don’t care. People who are not ignorant do care. It ruins the game. Enough said.

  4. Just another jealous hater. If you think that the Pats were the only team to do what they were doing than just get back into the closet and put your blinders back on….

  5. Biggest game in franchise history for the texans & ……42-14. Thanks for stopping by gillete. – New England Patriots

  6. I am so looking forward to Michelle’s next 30 videos.
    She is a real cutie and I am sure her videos will not disappoint us.
    Congratulations to both of you for having the courage to put it all on the line for the team you love.

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