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  1. DaniLeeMusic1 says:

    Preach it! XD

  2. ItsAudioworm says:

    Second dude reporting in!

  3. kdlane127 says:

    Hehas a gurly bumm

  4. SuperYumyum8 says:

    not as much as someone who clicks on a video intitled louis tomlinson’s bum…

  5. TheColoradoTardis says:

    Women’s volleyball team for the two dudes and ALL the Lesbians! Lesbians FTW.

  6. lou boo says:

    louis has a hot bum

  7. AliceCooperTeamJacob says:

    Guns and roses T-Shirt!? Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more awesome Buck you went and did that -3

  8. lolabega22 says:

    oh my gosh… i just saw that you replied to my comment… THAT JUST MADE MY DAY!!! i love you buck!!!

  9. ForeverMissGarcia says:

    ugh…. Danell Leyva is sooooo hot!!!!!

  10. 03SoC0 says:

    i don’t get it. why were they naked?

  11. F0ReVeRsAvEd says:


  12. aliceeeeeeeeeeeeeful says:

    yeah buddy!

  13. sEgeN111 says:

    dang im exhausted just listening to dis guy

  14. yiuhooitscharlie says:

    If you don’t like Michael or his videos, there is a simple solution: Don’t watch.

    Love you, Buck!! <3

  15. BlondieGal25 says:

    Hottest Olympic athlete? Thomas Robert Daley!

  16. cherry7blossm says:

    “for the two dudes watching” ah ha i died!!

  17. adam brown says:

    this is gay

  18. edgens147 says:

    OMG, Please support Nialls Irish Cousin “Sarah Toner” Awesome singer , Amazing cover,Sensational comments only 14.Please take time to listen you will be very pleased, This is one talented family

  19. Emopandasarefunny says:

    I don’t think hes annoying luv ya Buck :] ♥

  20. Loulouthegleek says:

    Arr… Your voice is sooo annoying… You might be tired at the end of the day !

  21. Derik Magalona says:

    Someone please give this guy a god damn chill pill!!!! ANNOYING!!!!

  22. TheCrogirl17 says:

    likd if you only clicked because you saw louis tomlinsons bum 🙂

  23. narutouzumaki776 says:

    LOL calm down. Ok? Ok? Gosh. 😛

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