High Speed Parallel Action on Indian Railways: NJP Shatabdi and Patna Jan Shatabdi Overtakes

Some high speed parallel action on the Bardhaman-Howrah section of Eastern Railways. Our 18628 Ranchi Howrah Intercity Express, powered by a Santragachhi WAP4 is placed on the extreme track (main down line) and proceeds slowly towards Howrah. Our first encounter is with a very pretty Howrah WDM3D, hauling the weekly Secunderabad Guwahati Express. A couple of minutes later, a Howrah WAP4 comes roaring through the reversible middle track with the 12024 Patna Howrah Jan Shatabdi Express. Our Santragachhi WAP4 also notches up at this point and there ensues a ferocious race between the Howrah and Santragachhi WAP4s, enjoyed wholeheartedly by the passengers on both trains (you can see the kids waving at 01:43) . We for a few seconds gain on the Jan Shatabdi before the Howrah WAP4 shows its class and accelerates further to breeze ahead and leave us in the lurch. 10-12 minutes later, the six day old 12042 New Jalpaiguri Howrah Shatabdi Express nonchalantly overtakes us through the reversible track with a Siliguri WDP4, after a two short honks. Our LP probably threw in the towel after his race with the Howrah WAP4 and there was not much of a contest here…This however is a really rare instance of a diesel-hauled train overtaking an electric powered train (that too WAP4) on IR. It is worth mentioning here that there was an EMU bang ahead of us, which had been switched from the reversible track to our track a little before these two trains whizzed past. If that train had not

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  1. 20053wdp4 says:


  2. sayan das says:

    i bet the two drivers were showing off XD

  3. Subhasis Datta says:

    Chomotkar !!!!!! download koreniyechi 😛

  4. ritadhishankar says:

    I know…wish there was no EMU in front of it and the race could have continued for a 2-3 more minutes! 🙂

  5. ritadhishankar says:

    Thanks a lot! You need a lot of luck to get these parallel actions right! 🙂

  6. ritadhishankar says:

    Onek dhonnobad! 🙂 

  7. ritadhishankar says:

    Yes…I think our loco-pilot was irked at being over-taken without a fight and notched up! 🙂

  8. ritadhishankar says:

    WDP4 just kept going…the real acceleration came from the two WAP4s! 🙂

  9. creativityloop says:

    your loco pilot should not have given up.

  10. avicennia1 says:

    awesome acceleration by WDP 4

  11. avicennia1 says:

    Hwh WAP 4 innitially beaten!!!!great work SRC guys

  12. Ramu Naidu says:

    Terrific! So Lucky You!

  13. kokousic says:

    Awesome! Erokom high quality video mon voriye dey,

  14. Pramit Mitra says:

    excellent!!! one of the best parallel action videos i.ve ever seen!! kudos…

  15. ritadhishankar says:

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

  16. ritadhishankar says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  17. ritadhishankar says:

    Haha! Thanks! 

  18. ritadhishankar says:

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

  19. ritadhishankar says:

    Hehehe…I think the story is that there was an EMU on the middle track, which was switched to our track. So the JS was accelerating while we had some decent momentum. Probably our LP felt rather insulted that a train rated at 110 kmph would go past him when he also could hit 110 and notched up. Section controllers however had other things in mind! 🙁

  20. ritadhishankar says:

    Thanks a lot! :)

  21. ritadhishankar says:

    Onek dhonnobad! SRC WAP4-ke shobuj dile JS-er kopale dukkho chhilo. JS-ta 110 kmph rated chhilo ei din…MPS ek chhilo amader dujoner…hotobhaga local shamne thaka-e taante parlam na! :)

  22. ritadhishankar says:

    Ekdom! Parallel hoyei jaye ekta na ekta! 🙂

  23. ritadhishankar says:

    Hehe…thanks a lot! :)

  24. ritadhishankar says:

    Thank you so much! :) 🙂

  25. ritadhishankar says:

    Thanks a lot! 🙂 Software holo Windows Movie Maker…

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