Hedley – “Perfect” Acoustic Live Performance for LP33

Hedley performs “Perfect”, an acoustic live performance exclusively for LP33. Catch this performance and more at www.lp33.tv
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. MirrorsUpInhere says:

    Dave I Belive


  2. MirrorsUpInhere says:

    :) at 3:45 Jacob Shot

  3. MirrorsUpInhere says:

    You mean Dave?

  4. omgimanalien says:

    He sounds like he has a cold or something

  5. MirrorsUpInhere says:


  6. MirrorsUpInhere says:

    5 People Dont Realize They Aren’t Perfect.

  7. SammieBananie says:

    now thats a REAL singer. someone who sounds good on recording, but even BETTER live <3 

  8. facebook443 says:

    if i could i would legit marry you jacob! 🙂

  9. HunterNFoster58 says:


  10. Guenton says:

    Who’s the Guitarist? ..that guy is sick! o_O

  11. missskittles144 says:


  12. ufailhaha2 says:

    Cant wait for tommorow’s concert :DDDD

  13. Chaarwood1 says:

    beautiful <3

  14. OVKProductions says:

    Dave is sooooo sick 😀

  15. Thedancerchick1018 says:

    i love you Daveeeeee 🙂

  16. thecarlisle17 says:

    His names Dave..

  17. MsGhettoGals says:

    This Is Fucking Beautiful.

  18. selena16able says:

    He has an amazing voice!!!!

  19. jozafgreek says:

    i think that hedley are the best band ever!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE from GREECE!!!

  20. TheCottonapple says:

    His voice is absolutely spectacular and unique:DD He is so awesome:D

  21. Bloody Mary says:

    I love Jake! And dave! But i cant help but feel sorry for Jake… Ay true ambassador would recognize that on that day he had the flue… He is struggling for breath… 🙁 Poor jakey!

  22. TheMissLee01 says:

    This boys make me proud to be canadian 🙂

  23. SydTheKid9188 says:

    I hope you’re just trolling. His name is Dave.

  24. NMdiarra says:

    haha i know they aren’t related but somethimes they just have the same face expressions and the eyes and mouth kindof look the same!

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