Have You Fallen In LOVE With Yourself Yet?

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  1. Marius Negoita says:

    Are you high?´╗┐ Because I am right now ­čÖé
    Now seriously, I loved the video, a little bit hippie, but it’s been an AHA to me.
    Thank you!

  2. oregonducksrule says:

    It is has always cracked me up that Society teaches our´╗┐ youth to be humble and meek……when reality is the more you love yourself the more the Universe will love you.´╗┐ It is basic Law of Attraction.

  3. Cassie Speakman says:

    I am going to´╗┐ learn to love myself!

  4. elitetraveler1 says:


    Thank You for sharing´╗┐ this concept; it’s´╗┐ quite self-actualizing.

  5. RealityContradiction says:

    SO HOW THE HELL DO WE NURTURE THE SEEDS WITHIN OURSELVES ???´╗┐ You didn’t tell us how to love our ownselves ..

  6. allornothing432 says:


  7. FlyLeafClover says:

    You are awesome and this video is amazing. I would love to love myself´╗┐ and I’ll definitely try to do so ­čÖé

  8. louisegraham2 says:

    i´╗┐ think majority of people in society dont love themselves and are looking for external ways to find love

  9. louisegraham2 says:

    very good point´╗┐

  10. goodnightquotes says:

    i love´╗┐ myself.

  11. oliness says:

    I love myself, I love you´╗┐ and I love all sentient beings <3

  12. AnneWoko says:

    Without love, there is no life. We´╗┐ wouldn’t even exist without love…

  13. klutch20 says:

    My answer yes, I am handsome, wonderful,charming, good hearted freak. I can add also I am alpha and omega. I AM GOD and I am NOW here in front of PC,and I feel that power while touching my keyboard, also is 1:40AM ! This feeling I can feel even down there. What a pleasure! uhh I almost went. Worshiping that wonderful Saturday and I know Friday and Sunday sux and constantly repeating to´╗┐ myself, only Saturday matters
    I am so happy that killed that baster Ego:D
    Get out of my way . I am leaving

  14. erikzoe1 says:

    Thanks Katie for sharing this and your many other very interesting, inspiring and helpful videos! My only doubt here is when you say we are not born completely loving ourselves. I believe we are, and then´╗┐ as children we are taught not to. Of course, the rest of what you are sharing is unchanged by that detail.

  15. peterormathew says:

    I LOVE myself.
    Thanks. ´╗┐

  16. 5mr71j3D says:

    <3 in the right time Katie, thanks for your lovely warm words,´╗┐ last days I still meet with this theme within and many people are going really through it. Old patterns stops to work and it is time to transform our searching from outer to inner look. I bless you, I wish, you always will have strenght and courage to face whatever you have to experience in your life here. My heart is loudly calling for my love and I am doing my best - I feel I am finishing this process and your video is nice sign <3

  17. nocrumbsable says:

    i am intending to create what you say, so inspriring, so true, i feel my heart is aching when´╗┐ it wants to stretch and to grow the seed of love…

  18. shannonismotivated says:

    i think´╗┐ i have fallen in love with you..bahaha

  19. JuslykSpecialK says:

    You are great and beautiful! ´╗┐ Thank you!

  20. lopatamd says:

    when you´╗┐ don’t really care about people’s criticism and be honest with yourself..

    you just don’t need to hide anything from others ­čÖé this way when you’ll talk with other people and you’ll be telling stuff about yourself that you didn’t really told anyone, and not being ashamed by them..
    when you express your thoughts directly without Apology etc.
    you just don’t care about what anybody thinks about your life, your style etc.. you live how you want.. and you like it..

  21. somaya6366 says:

    great!! I do agree with you .thank you so much.You inspired´╗┐ me ..you make me see life clearer..you make me love me.thank you.

  22. xASHLERx says:

    love. lo-phi. lo-V.´╗┐ lo-five.^^

  23. France Bat says:

    it is easy to love yourself´╗┐ when you are young and beautiful like you Katie, but what do you do when you are poor, old and ugly???

  24. relyanddefy says:

    great video nice to know their are !normal! ´╗┐ people into the same concepts as me

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