Happy Universal Holidays – Music Video – Adam Hicks Featuring Ryan Newman – Disney XD Official

Adam Hicks, Hutch Dano, Ryan Newman, and Daniel Curtis Lee celebrate the holidays! Watch Zeke and Luther on Disney XD! Want more video online? For FULL LENGTH EPISODES of Zeke and Luther visit www.DisneyXD.com Click the SUBSCRIBE button to get notification when new Disney XD videos are posted!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. kandyme1 says:

    ryan sings good

  2. xDrake87x says:

    Adam got some sick raps and Ryan can sing!

  3. 5ninja20 says:

    best rapper

  4. cocomeanie says:

    i love u adam ur so awesome and ur so great

  5. lonla1 says:

    I feel as though all the boys love Ryan Newman and all the girls love Adam Hicks. I joined the girls :3

  6. Miguel Grullon says:

    adam rules i want to meet him in person

  7. Miguel Grullon says:

    i like adam hicks i want to meet him either that or be on zeke and luther

  8. imafirindalazor says:


  9. KingZthe2nd says:

    Nvr gets old

  10. JONASPuppy887 says:

    duude Adam Hicks is AWESOMELY good lookin. I LOVE Him

  11. kargie911 says:

    i wish it was longer!

  12. Funbunny64 says:

    Ryan is GREAT AT SINGING & ACTING!! XD and ever since her appearences on Disney Channel and Disney XD I’ve been a fan! 😀 she should have a career in singing and acting! XD

  13. miguelenblue5 says:

    adam is a great actor.hes so funny on Zeke and Luther

  14. Bellarose1213 says:

    hands in the air were going crazy no more school kick back be lazy chirstmas wishes misletoe kisses happy holadays wheres all the egnog santa must of drank it cause sliding down the chimney his butt got stuck in the winter time cool we gonna act a fool happy unaversal holidays!!!! 😀

  15. ZT2wolflover says:

    wow…..we mite have new that when it came out it means DisneyXD is funny real funny like zeke and luther is funny kick buttowski,im in the band, kid vs kat and that stuff


  16. CandyKissesBabby says:

    Idk why but I LOVE THIS

  17. cremedebatata says:

    PERFECT *-*

  18. PoPow28 says:

    happy universal holidays !!!!!!!! too ^^

  19. XBieberFeverX815 says:

    this song makes me happy when im upset! i luved listening to this around xmas time and i still luv listening to it! ryan newman is so pretty and such a good singer!

  20. roseycat19 says:

    i don’t even watch zeke and luther but when i watched and heard this song i started watching it and i love the show!!!!!!

  21. 222emt says:

    haha Love this song

  22. SuperFlor1982 says:

    Happy universal holidays.

  23. SuperFlor1982 says:

    Awsome song

  24. Gajgatek says:

    cool xD

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