H2O Season 3 Episode 17 Part 1/2 “A Magnetic Attraction”

Cleo is introduced to Ryan, a geophysicist working for Sam. Thinking that he might be able to help, Cleo shows him the magnetic crystal rock she found at Mako, which infuriates Rikki, who thinks that Cleo is putting their secret at risk. Cracks are beginning to form in the girls’ relationship, and Cleo and Bella become worried when Rikki starts spending all of her time in the Moon Pool. This prompts Will to confess to them what happened on the night of the full moon when Rikki confronted the tentacle. Back at the Moon Pool, Rikki discovers that bonding with the tentacle has strengthened her powers. H2O Just Add Water H20 Just Add Water

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  1. TheWebkinzville says:

    h20 h20 h20 h20

  2. 15242022 says:

    Rikki taylor swift wants her hair back!!!!!!!! LMFAO 😀

  3. tatyankamusic says:

    all the girls are beautiful and attractive: jelous

  4. abanob370 says:

    Kiss your hand 5 times post on 3 vids an iPad under pillow

  5. MariaEstebatSite says:

    H10 h20 h20 h20

  6. BfmvMetalDemon says:

    i know right! XD. she got so hot compared to season 1 and 2! XD

  7. sunliu94 says:

    Why is Will so nosy? ” I want to know what you do with water!” or ” How did u control that tentacle?”

  8. ChastityLove1997 says:

    I love Cleo she was so beautiful shes my favorite next to Rikki

  9. mambolili95 says:

    he got a scholarship in episode 13 in the US at a marine research lab so he’s in the US…

  10. jbfeverforever15 says:

    i know ay i was like awww and then he turned away because of cleo grrr i was so happy

  11. jbfeverforever15 says:

    hahaha bella 🙂

    Bella to Cleo: *mouthing* hes hot! Cleo: *mouthing* go already LOL

  12. jbfeverforever15 says:

    he had a science thing overseas but in real life he had to go and film packet to the rafters

  13. beachbabehannahh says:

    wheres lewis these days?!

  14. beachbabehannahh says:

    zane is so horrible to rikki she deserves waaayyyy better!

  15. jde500 says:

    ohhhhhhh so the tentacle is that water thing that attached them! Im slow…

  16. felciamindless says:

    cleo fucked up the kiss

  17. felciamindless says:

    i seen that almost kiss at 11:21

  18. hamsterlover113 says:

    A school project is their excuse for every ‘mermaid’ problem. You’d think they’d get a little more creative once in a while.

  19. Luv4Music25 says:

    lol 10:13 “HE’S HOT!” 🙂

  20. SeacetsNews says:

    At the end he keeps wanting to hang out with her but she keeps turning him down because she isnt interested. Oh okay xx

  21. elislovejustinbieber says:

    IK that i’ve seen h2o 100 times the way cleo looks at him like she likes him

  22. tisrandi says:

    kim is just…ugh. i’ve never disliked a character so much.

  23. LizzieTomlinson says:

    Wheres Lewis???

  24. SeacetsNews says:

    Will: I thought I would find you here.
    Rikki: Dont you knock??
    Will: Theres no door.
    Rikki: …
    XD lol

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