H20 Just Add Water – Episode 17 Magnetic Attraction Info.wmv

This is the Info for this episode please visit www.youtube.com/thetotonica to get the episodes for all the season when they come out!

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  1. Megawhatz123 says:

    @H20JustAddWaterFanx what is Rikki’s new power and do Cleo and Bella get
    one to

  2. H20JustAddWaterFanx says:

    @megawhatz123 sorry i dont know but i dont think Cleo and Bella do 🙂 sorry
    about that its one of my friends in australia hu has a connection with the
    writer there….

  3. Megawhatz123 says:

    But you know in episode 21 jewel thief it says Cleo and Bella use the power
    of the crystals to get Rikki’s neaklace back off zane so maybe thats there
    new power

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