GVO vs Aweber vs GetResponse Autoresponder Review – What Do You Need To Know

GVO vs Aweber vs GetResponse autoresponder Review – What You Need To Know! Read the original article here – http://www.chrisksite.com/autoresponder-review-of…
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  1. Angelica Rondolo says:

    Hi Chris, what’s the latest about the 3 auto responders youve mentioned
    previoulsy? Do you think GR is more far better off now bec of their added
    features and templates they have provided?

    I was once a pioneer or founding members of GVO via Joel but dont really
    use it stil getting email from him but honestly whenever I msg them no
    words so I was kinda turned of how they handle customer. But I know few
    are into GVO and most IM now are using GR.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Olivia Villa-Real says:

    Thanks, Chris! This info is exactly what I needed to know! Now that I’ve
    clarified this, I can now move forward from inaction to stratospheric
    action! Thanks a million. You’re awesome! 

  3. Chris Kostopoulos says:

    In addition to GVO there’s PureLeverage which offers a whole suite of
    additional tools, which my team and I use to help build our online
    businesses, whether EN or other products, tools and systems we promote. If
    you’re just starting out, to be honest stay focused on 1 thing and i’d say
    that should be EN. Once you’re comfortable start adding income streams to
    that by finding other complementary products to promote like GVO and PL.

  4. joseph yossi says:

    great job, Chris can you tell me since I am new to EN there is no option to
    hook up GVO e autoresponder to EN, whereas, They offer only GETresponse and
    Aweber as options, would you know how I may hook it up, I know its being
    done, Mack, Chuck marshall, and others are heavily promoting EZMF did you
    post a you tube vid on this, I didn’t see it…kj

  5. CashAlchemists says:

    My mistake, I meant to say 5000 subscribers for $10… It seems they don’t
    have that offer. Can I get it somewhere else. All I am being offered is 100
    subscribers for $8 (with the hosting services and all the tools they offer
    with it)…

  6. Chris Kostopoulos says:

    Hey, Appreciate your interest in GVO, but unfortunately my EN bonuses are
    strictly for those on my EN team… When people on my GVO team upgrade to
    PureLeverage I offer other bonuses and training to them, but they are
    completely separate. You should go upline in EN for additional support
    though and maybe someone can help you out with an API to GVO.

  7. Chris Kostopoulos says:

    Hey Cash Alchemists (cool name by the way)… sorry about that and thanks
    for pointing this out, but seems I had the wrong link in my description. I
    just updated the description with the correct link (yt doesn’t let you
    leave links in the comments), so please use that link and it will take you
    directly to the 5,000 subscriber deal. If you go through my EZMF link you
    get that same deal. If there’s anything else I can assist with please feel
    free to email me. Thanks.

  8. joseph yossi says:

    Thanks for the reply, Chris…I have joined the EN two weeks to the 15k
    level. I would not mind learning the EZMF funnel, connecting to my ezfm by
    GVO and PL to EN. Can I still sign that far under you? what are others
    doing about this, do they have two auto responders the aweber to suffice EN
    and GVO also? By the way are you going to Denver?

  9. Chris Kostopoulos says:

    Just wanted to update this info. For those interested in using GVO with EN,
    EN doesn’t currently offer that, but my team has created an API to get it
    to work. So if you join my team in EN then I can offer you this GVO to EN
    linkage. Just another bonus for those joining my team in EN.

  10. CashAlchemists says:

    Excellent!! Thank you!! I set up the account and am ready to roll! Two more
    questions, though– (1.) Where can I find your email address? and (2.) I’d
    set up another account yesterday under the main GVO site ($8/month for 100
    subs deal)… How can I get refunded for that account?

  11. CashAlchemists says:

    Hi Chris, Looking to sign up for GVO, however, Im not seeing where it says
    we’ll get 10,000 subscribers for $10? I see that we’ll pay $10 after the 7
    day trial… but it seems that we’ll only get 500 subscribers. Can you
    clarify this for me?

  12. Olivia Villa-Real says:

    Hi, Chris! Thanks for the excellent info! Joined EN & purchased all
    products despite my financial concerns. Planned to buy a traffic package
    from my team that included auto responder setup. But their traffic site is
    closed. I’m new to internet marketing & need assistance to get started. I
    am very interested in GVO since I have my own products to sell. But would
    it be hard to make it work for EN? Your advice would be deeply appreciated.
    I’ll be going to Anaheim. Will I see you there? Thx a ton!

  13. Chris Kostopoulos says:

    FYI those of you interested in using GVO its currently not linked in to EN,
    however, if you use the EZMF like I do and train my team to use
    successfully you can use GVO and promote not just EN but Multiple Steams of
    Income. It’s one of the ways I’m able to receive checks from like 20+
    different places every month. I’m adding a link to the EZMF system in the
    description for those of you interested in learning more. Thanks Chris K.

  14. Chris Kostopoulos says:

    HI Olivia, You stated 2 very important things that will help your success.
    1 – you own All the products – GREAT! now study them because everything I
    do to have success online began by what I learned in the products. 2 – You
    have a team – AWESOME! use them, leverage them, go to them with questions
    and partner up with someone on your team to brainstorm and keep each other
    accountable. GVO is basically an autoresponder, so it great for email
    marketing and list building.

  15. Living Like Mike says:

    I’d love to get the API. I’m already in EN. But I will use your link to get
    GVO. Is this an ok deal for you?

  16. Chris Kostopoulos says:

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