GVO software demonstration setting up an autoresponder with GVO software

This video is part of a series found at http://TheDavidGardner.com/GVOQuickstart which provides instructional tips and procedures with getting started with GVO hosting, cPanel, WordPress and…
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  1. Patti Lehmann says:

    You should close the door when you’re doing these types of tutorials,
    looks/sounds more professional. Family needs to support you in this! 🙂
    Thanks for the info!

  2. Joshua Montgomery says:

    i have gvo i only need the auto responder code

  3. Josefina Hart says:

    Hi David, I have been having problems setting up my autoresponder. I
    watched the training videos i have assisted to training webinars with terry
    and still my autoresponder graphic does not show in my blog. I had followed
    all the steps at the same time with the instructor (Terry) and at the end
    the box does not show in my blog. I need help please. Thank You, Josefina

  4. David Gardner says:

    Hey Josefina, You mentioned an autoresponder “Graphic”…are you referring
    to the “opt in form” here? There are two places you can add your form code
    for the Pure Leverage blog… #1 being on the right sidebar #2 being within
    an actual post If you are able to create a form within the autoresponder,
    you should just be able to paste the code into the “Text” option in within
    the blog, or using a widget add it to the side bar, which might take your
    image and testimonials off. Hope this helps.

  5. joseph yossi says:

    Hey Dave, like the content, BTW would you know how to integrate this with
    Empower network when EN is only offering aweber and Getresponse as options?
    Its being done by Mack zidan, and others promoting their EZ Money Formula

  6. Dave Gardner says:

    Thanks for checking the video out Patti…I was actually in our Dining Room
    and they came back with Groceries if I remember correctly and I did not
    want to stop my train of thought…and no door existed there. Once my
    office gets squared away I will be doing them more there and with door shut!

  7. David Gardner says:

    Hey Josh…You can get this in your eresponder section. Click on FORMS,
    then create form and you can make a form suitable to your needs. On the
    bottom once it is done, is a place to get the html code for this that you
    can embed into your website or blog. Feel free to use this guide to help
    with more details (see the link at the top of my information for this video
    about the “GVOQuickstart” It is a no opt in guide!

  8. Dave Gardner says:

    Hey Joseph….are you already in GVO/Pure Leverage? I will try to send you
    a PM here as Mack (and myself) use his software which incorporates this to
    promote all three, including Empower.

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