GVO Review – Global Virtual Opportunities

GVO Review – Global Virtual Opportunities

Article by Robert Hammond

From the perspective of a top affiliate in GVO, or Global Virtual Opportunities, I’m going to remove the hype and just let you know the truth about the company. See, GVO, formerly Kiosk, is a longtime web hosting provider recently turned MLM. That is exactly what makes it so unique in the online marketing world.

First off, let me share with you a little info about the leadership of the company. Joel Therien, the CEO, is a longtime internet network marketer who has made seven figures in the industry. Marketing director Mike Potvin is also a top network marketer who is highly skilled at creating high converting landing pages and social media based advertising. So from a leadership perspective, Joel and Mike do an amazing job.

Now from the products perspective, GVO offers web hosting for unlimited domains, video conferencing for online webinars, unlimited video hosting, unlimited autoresponders up to 20,000 subscribers, and amazing video squeeze page templates that can be customized to any network marketing opportunity. All of this costs just .97 each month. Just the value of an autoresponder that holds 20,000 subscribers is around 0 per month if purchased from Aweber or GetResponse, and the value of the GVO product line is equal if not better than any of these competing companies. So, from a products perspective, the GVO toolkit is very robust.

Most importantly, GVO is also an opportunity, and one that is very different from most affiliate programs offered by web hosting companies. Take Aweber, for example. If you sign up as an affiliate for Aweber and promote it to your list of prospects, you’ll get a commission on everyone who buys products from Aweber for the rest of your life. With GVO, though, everybody who you refer gets placed into a traditional binary downline, so not only do you earn commissions off of the people who you refer to the company, but you get commissions off of everybody who they refer and who they refer. And, since GVO provides all of its affiliates the complete toolkit, your downline members have all of the things that they need to begin duplicating.

For me personally, I would highly recommend the GVO opportunity. I’m currently the top recruiter in the company, and I have to say that it is very easy to be successful in this organization. Check out the link in the box below to see exactly how I build my GVO team.

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