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  1. Dom Zirilli says:

    Thanks Leland…..I added a link for people who can’t join me in Pure Leverage…look in video description at the end. Thank You.

  2. Leland Best says:

    Great Job! Hey I’m in Pure Leverage already but how do I get my hands on your eBay training dude?! 🙂

  3. Lucky Tony says:

    Well done and Pure Leverage is a really cool tools platform what every marketer needs to have a success!

  4. Millionaire Secrets says:

    The Best Pure Leverage Review that I’ve saw!

  5. Carlos Miguez says:

    I wanna see it again, thats freakin cool! 

  6. John Torres says:

    ZOMFG, sub/thumb/faved you 🙂 MORE VIDEOS!!

  7. jssdksd says:

    this? is brilliant! 

  8. goldnercameron says:

    Wonderfull, sub/thumb/faved you 🙂 MORE VIDEOS!!

  9. jwewjew says:

    thumbs up if u think its awesum 

  10. carolynwelch103 says:

    The best? part was when the people fell

  11. lyndawilkins7 says:

    (OmG THis IS BY FaR d best clip On uTube 🙂 XD)

  12. jassdf26 says:

    that s how I play bowling

  13. joasdn022 says:

    I always wanted to have a talent to make such videos

  14. mciverteresa says:

    hey youre awesome!!!

  15. alexandriasmith981 says:

    that was AWESOME! i subscribed and cant wait for more! 

  16. annettejones160 says:

    This was? AMAZING! 

  17. elaielaiai says:

    howd u get soo good?

  18. josedj61m says:

    (HolY MoTHER Of G0D this is by far THE MOST AWSOME clip 3v3r)

  19. Pablo Figueroa says:


  20. lucillelampkin says:

    you are so awesome its not even funny

  21. cmccoy071 says:

    I like it! Thanks 4 the advice, i really appreciate it

  22. kerrkek says:

    i loved the video but i hated the fact that the video ended so soon

  23. asamuel331 says:

    0:11 that was the funniest part

  24. asdrsrf says:

    Keep up the good work! 

  25. berubemindy says:

    Great Video…..Very cool!

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