GVO Host Then Profit

GVO Host Then Profit

Article by Bart Mcguire

So what do you get with The HostThenProfits program?Things will explode next week.. where else can you get>> 4 blogs you can easily create with the Blogger Builder>> Hosting for 4 domains >> A professional auto responder service for 5 campaigns & 500 subscribers>> Video hosting for 5 videos with Easy Video Producer>> A 5 seat GVO Conference room>> Prospecting and Lead Capture pages>> The best compensation plan on the internetALL for less than a month!!!This is unheard of..Remember.. Aweber (which is an AMAZINGauto responder company is a month alone!)You get the auto responder and so much morefor under !Why is Joel Therien doing this?With so many businesses struggling with today’s economy he has seena 15% to 20% attrition rate with GoGVO Hosting where the price for it’sunlimited package is .95 per month. Bringing HostThenProfit to themarket at under .00 makes it affordable to everyone with an Internetconnection. PRICING ALWAYS WINS!Everyone who gets online now needs to have web hosting and a method tobuild their lists.As an added incentive, Joel has announced a new contest for the month ofSeptember that starts on Tuesday.To qualify for the weekly prizes you must make a minimum of 10 sales.If you make 25 or more sales, you qualify for 100% commissions. The top 3 who bringin the most sales qualify for 00 – 0 – and 0 bonuses.Look for a lot of heavy promotions coming your way on Tuesday after the launch.GoGVO Titanium hosting affiliates will be able to log into their members area onTuesday for their links, banners and swipe copy. Those who are GVO Conference affiliates must join HostThenProfits or GoGVO to get access to these marketingmaterials.Contact the person who initially invited you for more information.Also take a look at the international aspect of this service as it goes global.The Spanish speaking market has been beta testing HostThenProfits since theaddition of GVO Spanish Hosting was launched months ago.September is going to me a monster of a month as GVO Academy is adding more sessions that help you generate that long term income. Look for squeeze pagesand lead capture pages to build your lists too.As your HostThenProfit business grows, and your customers needunlimited services, you are in the perfect place to bringthem into the GoGVO Titanium account packages.To get the ball rolling, Joel is offering you and your prospects to test driveHostThenProfits for 7 days for .00. After that you can continue using the productfor .97 per month. We look forward to giving everyone the tools to the industry and help their businessesgrow.When you join us on Tuesday, you will be able to promote HostThenProfit.comMark Call is also going to provide us with a replay link for the affiliates to useon their websites, conference rooms and a link on Facebook.Just wait until you see what is coming for your Facebook applications…Get ready to spend a buck on Tuesday and get your link to HostThenProfits.com.and look for the irresistable offer on the exit pop up.

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I grab and share opportunity when it comes. Hostthenprofit is the next upcoming explosion to make money online, if you miss this opportunity, don’t regret.GVO Host Then Profit, GVO Host Then Profit, <a href=”http:

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