GVO Conference Review – Experience Success o Failure Using These Network Marketing Tools!

GVO Conference Review – Experience Success o Failure Using These network marketing Tools!

Article by R Michael Hayes

Reach More Clients and Build Your Network through GVO ConferenceEver wanted to build your network faster, deliver your marketing message quicker, and quickly conference with your team online? Now that is possible with GVO Conference, the ultimate conferencing and webcasting software that will maximize your MLM presentations to drive more sales, reach new audiences and provide training to your team. Do you want access to the next hottest software in the video conferencing industry? Then explore the 1.) Background of the GVO Conference business, 2.) GVO software features web and 3.) Affiliate opportunities.

Background of Global Virtual Opportunities

Global Virtual Opportunities is a company operated and owned by Joel Therien. In 2004, Therien developed software called HotConference which generated over 7 million downloads. Moving the company from Canada to San Antonio, Texas was a strategic move to be able to invest in telecom resources, and fiber optics. Today, GVO owns and operates its own hardware, code lines, Data Center, fiber optics and resources. This cuts out middlemen and other 3rd parties that would otherwise drive up costs to the consumer.

GVO Software Features

GVO web conference is an online business tool that you can quickly implement into your business. You have the ability to broadcast live, create webinars, and share PowerPoint presentations to an online audience. Some of the main features of GVO Conference include:

1. Video & Audio Controls: Enable or disable web cam and microphone.2. Talk Now: One click to enable voice and broadcast your message to conference room members.3. Presentation: Create and convert your presentation into Power Point.4. Record: Record and re-distribute your entire video/audio presentation.5. Chat: GVO allows you to instantly text message your guests.6. Multiple Moderators: Use moderators to control and moderate your live events.7. In-Built Video Player: Quickly broadcast other movies and video to your guests.8. Live Show: GVO webcasting offers live video streaming.9. Desktop Sharing: Share your desktop with your event guests.

Affiliate Opportunity

Now anyone has the ability to afford creating an online meeting. In addition, GVO online conference offers you the opportunity to generate a residual monthly income. Earn commissions on paid clients that are referred to the GVO Conferencing platform.

* Receive 10% commissions on personal sales to clients* Earn 10% commissions on affiliate sales* Collect 10% commissions on direct sales* Get 50% commissions just for signing up 10 people in one month* Receive a 20% matching bonus on direct referrals

GVO Conference is the only web conferencing tool that is not only cheaper than all the rest, but will also save you money and precious time. Get started boosting your sales, growing your team with by webcasting and networking instantly with GVO Conference.

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