GVO Conference Pre Launch Imminent

GVO Conference Pre Launch Imminent

Article by Richard Brannan

The Web Strategies For Boosting Your Sales And Branding Capabilities Have Drastically Altered Current Trends For Online Business

The Top 5 Strategies To Generate Sales through Webinairs

1.Brand Presence,

First Impressions Last. When people enter your Webinair you need to have that actual interface Branded with Your Company. This gives you a market presence/ market share being recognised being branded is so important.

Take for instance when you are shopping let’s say Perfume or Golf Clubs (excuse the stereo type 🙂 Do you choose the fake product or the real one, if you choose fake perfume you will “Never” hear the last of it! Trust me I know!For example you are passing by an outdoor market on the way to the Mall and hear, “Top Quality Perfume For Sale” upon looking at it you see it doesn’t have the same Dior brand you’ve seen before. The Clubs don’t feel the same weight, something’s not quite right.

So at the Mall you enter the well known Branded Store you see the Real Dior and feel confident that you have made a wise purchase,…the Clubs? well she didn’t let you buy them, well you already have 12 of them.You see Brand speaks Volumes, Simple Recognizable ClearRole model the likes of McDonald, Nike, Ferrari etc.

2.The Webinair

This is where Brand Counts and can give you the Edge if your Webinair interface is Branded people “feel” part of your community. First and foremost, Always thank people for giving their time to attend. See who is in the room mention them individually whilst you are “supposedly” setting things up, ie everything is really already in place however making it personal for people is the key, do this at the beginning and you’ll have people eager for the next Webinair.

Ensure your logo is visible the company is mentioned indirectly not akin to cross selling like at McDonalds, “would you like fries with that”, would be an example also,”folks we’re so glad you’re here today because later we would like your input regarding the design idea for something we may release in the next few months.” Here’s a Pre Sell for a Few months later. People see your logo hear the about the company and are privy to the secret projects. 3.Entertain,

Quite obvious, however, find current topical news stories which are light hearted and possibly cover your particular Niche. Being human is key. People love to see and feel that even though you’ve succeeded with the company/ product and how much Value you have created from this, making a point of your weaknesses can become a real strength. Especially useful if you know your product inside out, when you have Q&A’s you demonstrate your ability to not only confidently answer all questions but also offer guidance see what are their Problems and offer Solutions Straightaway.This also ensures a 1 2 1 personal touch.

4.In the Webinair,

if you can, have two speakers you have a leader and an expert, its kind of like the good old “Starskey and Hutch” days good cop bad cop. “Banter” this also keeps the entertainment value up. Remember if people are going to buy what you have to offer if you make the Webinair enjoyable and fun, people will feel good and remember this.

5.NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming,

Tony Robbins a fantastic practitioner of this.You in your Webinair can create NLP with your attendees. Get them to “Know, Like And Trust, You” Joel Therien is fantastic at this being able to show people how to get to know your brand, try it out, like you because your service is second to none, and people know you are genuinely interested in them and their success.

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