GVO BMW M3 Contest Result: Tissa Godavitarne Wins!

GVO BMW M3 Contest Result: Tissa Godavitarne Wins!

Article by Joseph Allan Estipona

At last! GVO President and CEO Joel Therien announced last Monday, 12 April 2010, that officially, Tissa Godavitarne won the GVO BMW M3 contest held during the whole month of February 2010. After a gruelling month of March where GVO went into the nitty gritty details of validating the registrations, they have finally released the final tally and declared the Acme People Search owner as the runaway winner. Second place went to Munmi.com, LLC a spanish company who wish to remain named under their company name. Third place was Mike Filsaime who pulled the trigger on February 27th, less than 24 hours before the contest ended! Fourth place went to a very consistent and awesome producer Derek Bohlken.

The screening and validation of the recruitment frenzy took longer than expected due to problems in payments, credit card validations and fraud detection where some of the referrals were found to have registered fraudulently violating the terms of service of GVO. The final tally went down considerably as the initial registrations went into cancellations. Tissa Godavitarne got a final tally of 181 recruits, a far score from the height of 324 recruits. Second placer Munmi.com, LLC was a distant second with 119 recruits. Mike Filsame’s 48 hour stint in the February contest netted him with a close 106 recruits. A bit more push he could have made it to second place. And lastly, Derek Bohlken, who gave Tissa Godavitarne a good lead before Tissa can take over, ended up with 71 recruits.

GVO really had a good turn out of recruits in this BMW contest. Tissa has nothing but praises with the GVO system. Coincidentally in his 12 April 2010 webinar with APS members and guest, he was demonstrating how cost effective GVO’s marketing tools are. It was during that webinar that members started receiving the email announcements from Joel Therien about the final results of the contest. The webinar turned out to be a celebration with a lot of congratulations given to Tissa and the countless others in the APS community who contributed to the awesome win by Tissa. With the GVO marketing tools, Tissa quoted, “If you are not using GVO’s suite of internet marketing tools, you are not marketing your internet business properly. Or you’re paying too much to market your internet business. Their eResponder Pro and Easy Video Producer alone are worth hundreds of dollars.” He is referring to the measley .95 a month that a GVO member pays to benefit its awsome internet marketing tools.

It will now be just a matter of time before Tissa showcases his BMW M3. For the record, Tissa Godavitarne will be selling the BMW and share the proceeds with the APS affiliates who helped him achieve the feat. The Acme People Search members stepped up into the occasion to push Tissa into the lead and make sure that a sizeable lead was attained during the last days of the contest. Indeed it was a fruitful week for the APS community which was marked by unity, cooperation and fun. Chris Losenno, the one who posted at the forum to spark the APS community’s bid to help Tissa was very thankful for everyone who stepped up and gave their best during the contest.

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