Guy Kawasaki on the Art of Enchantment

Brian Solis talks with Guy Kawasaki, former chief evangelist of Apple. Guy is also Co-founder of Alltop.com, Author of Enchantment, Reality Check, The Art of the Star, as well as Founding partner of Garage Technology Ventures.
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  1. SoccerRockNY says:

    Great interview! I’ve seen several of Guy’s video presentations here on Youtube, but this one has to be one of the Top 5. Thank you.

  2. pragrawal1234 says:

    Brian doesn’t realize he is the one interviewing. Let Guy Kawasaki do the talking …

  3. TheTimothyCarter says:

    What a great conversation with you and Guy! It was enchanting. 😉

  4. ThatGuyNamedJimmy says:

    Excellent video with Guy! Easy Guy.. don’t beg too much for Twitter to start charging, please, lol.

  5. ridwan326 says:

    Wow! Crystal clear quality. 

  6. kregobiz says:

    Great quality video. Surprisingly clear.

  7. BusinessVideoPage says:

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  8. sheroyg says:

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  9. deswalshtv says:

    Well, I’m biased, being a fan of you both, but this is surely, objectively, an interview to be shared around. And entertaining as well as informative. Thank you.

  10. mohammedaltaee says:

    I watched the interview everyday since the day published.

  11. JoelECarlson says:

    100,000+ nerds go to #sxsw. Love it! 😀

  12. PIVOTmediarelations says:

    Great interview with fantastic content! Highly enjoyable. Thank you.

  13. DR1665 says:

    Generally speaking, I pass on videos like these. It bugs me when I have to slow my intake rates to accommodate video or podcasts. I also try to avoid spending time on A-lister sites like Guy’s because, well, how many social media “experts” parrot his every tweet?

    This video, however, spoke to me. Enchantment. Meaning. Changing the world.


  14. 1jimthomas says:

    Terrific interview and great insight. It is indeed a different world when you’re marketing a product today. Every touch point has to be considered. Thanks for keeping the Revolution out front in dialogue.

  15. huntingwithpixels says:

    Superb content and production value; this is how it’s done people! Good work!

  16. stormywhether says:

    As @chrisbrogan said you can’t help but be wowed by the quality on display here. I had to watch the whole thing just to figure how good the visuals were throughout. Well done, BS!

  17. phylliskhare says:

    Guy really has a HAPPY heart – wow – encouraging for all of us letting the inner happy out and still being taken seriously in the work world.

  18. ehatziioannou says:

    Guys, you were both on fire… I loved the energy of this conversation. Nothing but the truth. This happens when masterminds join forces. Every customer and employee is first of all a human being we need to touch as organizations and businesses.

    Real change. Real people. (R)Evolution!

  19. chimimimusic says:

    great interview!!! always learn a lot thank you.

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