Gummibär – Go For The Goal – World Cup Football Song English Funny Gummy Bear England Australia

Download from iTunes – tinyurl.com Shirts and merch – www.gummytees.com Visit Gummibär online at www.gummibar.net. Go For The Goal – The World Cup Football Song – sung in English for England and Australia by everyone’s favorite funny animated gummy bear. Look for it in many other languages also! Subscribe to Gummibär’s YouTube Channel – http Visit Gummibär online at – www.gummibar.net Play the Gummibär game at – http Visit Gummibär on Facebook – www.facebook.com Visit Gummibär on MySpace – www.myspace.com Send a Gummibär eCard to your friends – www.funnygummy.com Follow Gummibär on Twitter – http Shop Gummibär on Zazzle – www.zazzle.com Shop Gummibär on Cafepress – www.cafepress.com Gummibär Game App: tinyurl.com More about Gummibär Gummibär, a funny and lovable cartoon character, is a green animated gummy bear with a multitude of talents. Whether he is singing, break dancing, or playing his tuba, both children and adults can’t get enough of his funny gummy antics. His multi-lingual abilities have led to a huge International following and allow him to sing in 20 different languages including English, Hungarian, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Czech, Slovak, Russian, and Hebrew with more to follow. With close to 1 billion plays and counting, the video for “I Am A Gummy Bear” (The Gummy Bear Song) by Gummibär, has captured the hearts and minds of Internet users world-wide. Viewers of videos on YouTube, MySpace, and other social networking websites have made
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  1. valdez884 says:

    If my sister loves it I do to

  2. sabri8514 says:

    gummybear ooooooh

  3. cassaundrastephens says:

    Good song

  4. MegaChino78 says:

    me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ♥

  5. theepictable1 says:

    The dude needs clothes

  6. wiktor xd says:

    my sister love gumibear

  7. GirlsOxdapp says:

    Purple bear and green bear :))

  8. GirlsOxdapp says:

    I love Gummibar….

  9. TheMegsterxlolx says:

    Kwl x

  10. leonpapa26 says:


  11. ginger snap says:

    ireland rule 🙂 <3

  12. pepiribatao says:

    > 0:07 <

  13. danmarj101 says:

    keep clicking 1:13.YOU WILL KEEP LAUGHING!

  14. selinaa2006 says:


  15. steph050702 says:


  16. cain brodie says:

    i love eating gummy bears lol XD

  17. khanhkiemchenhacsan says:

    kieu tu cong khanh _nonstop _kieu tu cong khanh _nonstop _dj_mudic_lap tung san _ khanh (*_*)_01677659064dj_mudic_lap tung san _ khanh (*_*)_01677659064

  18. LpsRebbecca says:

    Who plays.soccer without a shirt …..

  19. alin262626 says:

    fl studio adobe after efectes and photoshop

  20. pingy645 says:

    this is sick!!! i <3 gummy bears!!!

  21. pingy645 says:

    this is sick

  22. thegarretthp says:

    2012 rocks thumbs up if your watching this in 2012

  23. Carlos Rivera says:

    its not dumb

  24. Carlos Rivera says:


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