Grow Your Downline – The Biggest Misconceptions That Sabotage You

Grow Your Downline – The Biggest Misconceptions That Sabotage You

Article by Terry Duff

There are some major misconceptions about what you have to do to be able to grow your downline. Operating under these misconceptions can absolutely sabotage your success.

Here are three of the biggest misconceptions about what you have to do to grow your downline that you need to understand are not true:

1. That You Have To Sell Your Opportunity: One of things that new network marketers are not just taught to do — but taught is one of key strategies for building their business — is to lead with the business opportunity to get people to sign up into their business. You were likely told that the best way to grow your downline was to present your amazing business opportunity to people right up front.

The truth is that this is not only unnecessary to grow your downline, but is actually sabotaging you in some ways. Think about what this strategy entails at its core: You chasing people and having to convince them that they should be interested in your business opportunity.

What you want to do instead, which is a much more effective way to grow your downline, is to lead with the product. Why? It is all about positioning. When you push the business opportunity, you are (a) positioning your company (not YOU) as the expert, (b) going to get too many “opportunity seekers” into your business who will pick up and leave your business at the first sign of a better perceived opportunity, and (c) you are NOT tapping into your best leads — people who can personally benefit from your product and who will therefore be much more loyal members of your downline.

2. Everyone Must Be A “Business Builder”: Another misconception about how to grow your downline, is that everyone in your downline must be a “business builder” (people who are also actively working to build their own downline). While it is true that to earn serious money you will need some business builders in your downline, it is not true that you need to have everyone you bring into your downline be actively working to build a business in order for you to grow your downline large and strong.

As I talked a little bit about above, when you market by attracting people who are looking for the benefits your product provides, what you get is a downline full of people who are loyal to your product and who will continue to order it (and stay on autoship) for a much longer time than people who come into your downline solely looking for a business opportunity.

Where the misconception comes in is that you will not have business builders in your downline if you don’t market to opportunity seekers. In reality, you will end up with about the same number of “business builders” when you lead with the product — the only difference being that you will get a better and more loyal downline in the process and thus you will grow your downline much stronger and faster.

3. That You Have To Be So Aggressive: The final misconception that can sabotage your ability to grow your downline is somewhat related to the first two but relate more to your overall approach and mindset. Most new network marketers are taught to build their list of 100, buy product samples and all sorts of marketing material (brochures, DVDs, flip charts etc etc), and then to go out into the world and tell anyone you come across who isn’t running away from you about your awesome business opportunity. In other words, most network marketers are taught to be pretty aggressive in hunting people and twisting their arm to get into their business.

This is the polar opposite of what you basic approach should be for how to grow your downline. Why? Because you don’t want to fill your business with people who have no personal interest in the product you offer. You will end up with a very high dropout rate this way. The significantly better strategy to grow your downline is to attract people who are looking for the solution you offer (via your product) to a problem or issue that they have. You want to position yourself as the expert who has an answer for them, and by doing that you will end up with people approaching YOU instead of you having to approach them.

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