Grow Your Downline – How To Use The Internet As An Asset Instead Of As A Hob

Grow Your Downline – How To Use The Internet As An Asset Instead Of As A Hob

Article by Terry Duff

Are you struggling to grow your downline in an MLM business? Have you followed every instruction you’ve been given by your upline, but yet you have barely been able to add more than a few associates per month (or even LESS than that)? Worse yet, even if you have been able to slowly grow your downline, have you started to have people drop off?

Why is this happening? In this article I’ll tell you why it’s happening and how you can turn this trend around (and start to grow your downline FAST) with one change.

Most MLM companies teach their associates to market and grow their downline using what might be termed “belly to belly” type of marketing. They encourage you to grow your downline by targeting, approaching and selling your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers on the business opportunity that the company offers.

This kind of marketing entails a few key components. One, it entails you constantly chasing and convincing people that they want what you have to offer. Two, it limits your lead pool to just your circle of friends, relatives and acquaintances. Three, it is designed to lead with the business opportunity instead of with the product. These components, however, are not most conducive to growing your downline (and to growing your downline fast and to massive size).

These traditionally taught methods of how to grow your downline in an MLM USED to be effective. They were designed at a time when this type of a system was one of the best ways to market — because there wasn’t a better way. They were designed for a PRE-INTERNET era.

With the advent of more advanced technology, though, there is no reason to still use this type of marketing to grow your downline. There is no reason not to use the Internet to grow your downline — and put better, more targeted and more loyal people in your downline.

So why is the Internet a better way to grow your downline? Why is it better than the traditional marketing techniques most network marketers are taught by their company and their upline? The answer is more simple than you might think.

The absolute best way to grow your downline is to become the hunted instead of the hunter (have people chasing you instead of you chasing people), and establishing a relationship with the people you attract. Using the Internet to market allows you to not only target people who are looking for what you are offering (i.e., attract people not chase them), BUT it also gives you the whole world to market to and build relationships with in your business. No matter how many people you know, you can never generate enough leads to grow your downline massively with just your friends and family as your entire lead pool.

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