Greenlee and Leo at Ryan & Gillian’s wedding AMC

From All My Children, Greenlee and Leo in the chapel after Ryan and Gillian’s wedding. Rebecca Budig Josh Duhamel Cameron Mathison Esta TerBlanche
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  1. samlovece says:

    is this before laura and all the craziness or after?

  2. Gail Keefe says:

    Oh, Leo!

  3. 3ashking says:

    I totally agree with you ryan & greenlee shouldn’t have lasted this long because ryan doesn’t accept greenlee for who she really is only for what he want her to be or when shes good… leo on the other hand loves greenlee for the good & bad.

  4. RetroForMe says:


  5. RetroForMe says:

    good news- leo is coming back on august 4th! however, josh is saying if leo is going to be alive or just a ghost.

  6. BehindTheHarleyShop says:

    I SOOOO don’t remember Greenlee wanting to be with Ryan wow I guess i’ve blocked things out. . . but then again i was like 12 or 13 when all this was going on.

  7. Taylor McCall says:

    OMG Give Us Back Leo We Need Leo Back Plzzz

  8. yingaling84 says:

    OMG, when I first watched this, part of it was cut b/c of some news (forgot what). This is the first time I’ve watched this scene in entirety. Thank you! 😀

  9. Deannie21 says:

    I think ALL the fans know that if Leo ever came back Greenlee would drop Ryan like a fly and be with Leo. That’s just a given fact.

  10. galpalcj says:

    If Leo were still around I would SO be on board with him and Greens, but since both she and Ryan lost their true loves to death (the one thing you can’t come back from) it makes sense they would be each other’s second choice.

    REALLY want them back though!

  11. holypotatoes20 says:

    RB looks like identical here as she does now. It must be the curly/wavy hair.

  12. no123girl says:

    GreenLeo is chemistry and then some!! I love them they have such amazing chemistry. The only man for Greens was Leo– Ryan sucked the life out of Greenlee. Now he is w/Erica how gross is that..Ryan has slept w/every woman on the show.

  13. greensfan99 says:

    Greenlee only belonged with LEO! She only was with Ryan because she couldn’t have Leo. He needs to come back because if he did Greenlee would never look at another man again. Leo is the love of her life and the only man that her love for was so strong that she could never think that she didn’t love him.

  14. greensfan99 says:

    Greenlee and Leo wrote the book on always getting back together. They did it so many times and you always knew they would, because they always knew they loved each other no matter how much they wanted to deny it.

  15. Liligal1 says:

    Unfortunately, Josh’s teeth aren’t the only things that have lost their charm. The Hollywood scene has gone to his head. He’s a sell-out now IMO, and so far removed from the guy who used to play this terrific character, It’s sad and very disappointing. 🙁

  16. plums4peace says:

    I haven’t seen much of Josh since AMC because I didn’t really watch Las Vegas, but then I read some truly horrifying info about him that I desperately wanted to believe was false, so I trucked on over to google images, and sadly, it is true-

    His adorable teeth! Gone! Replaced with veneers and now totally generic! His smile just lost almost all of its charm. 🙁 He’ll never be able to be goofy like he is in this clip again.

  17. plums4peace says:

    I still get that wonderful feeling in my heart that makes me put my hand to my chest and sigh at the romance of this relationship. No other love story on TV has ever captivated me like this one. Thank you for posting!

  18. cmwoj24 says:


  19. sportstalk23 says:

    here here how many women has ryass sucked the life out of, how anybody could watch these clips with greenleo and think greens belonged with ryass needs to have their heads examined

  20. KieraHillmin says:

    I definitely agree with that!

  21. RayBeautiful3210 says:

    how many times ryan gets married on this show? im so sick of him and im glad he didny get the chance to marry greenlee! but i miss her so much, especially w/ leo now greenlee dies, amc always kills off the good ppl

  22. aislinno says:

    I love them

  23. e1i5n2n5a4 says:

    I love this scene. Leo was perfect for greenlee. How can she forget how awful ryan was to her. leo was aways supposed to be the love of her life, now there trying to replace greenleo with rylee and it just isnt right.

  24. DGPSL says:

    That was the break up AFTER they got back together this time (2nd major breakup). Greenlee pushed Laura off the yacht way before this which caused their first major breakup.

  25. AppleEarring says:

    Greenlee broke up with him because of Katerina and that originally came to town to marry her for her money but they fell in love. Laura going off the yacht might have been after this.

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