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This Video was produced to show how non parallel magnetic force fields can pull objects like these steel balls (these are not stainless steel) through a force field. The magnets used are N52 Neodinium Magnets. 1/2 inch diameter and 1 inch long. 36 magnets in each piece of wood. Using Magnetic Attraction. These magnets are magnetized through the length or axil. Video was Produced By MrBigTV.Com Sorry about the one section out of focus on the video… In 2010 Green Motor Project will be displaying some of our findings for people to touch and see at the Topanga Earth Day Yearly Event. See more about this great event at www.TopangaEarthDay.Org and www.EarthDayMusicTV.com Our main TV Station is www.OurPlanetTV.com see that site for all videos and station information.
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  1. carnage6ar says:

    i got steel balls to

  2. aux1z11 says:

    Why dont you try and make a round track or a oval and maybe the balls will keep going with out stopping.

  3. Vincent Alexander says:

    ROCK ON! Make it a circular disc so that it spins and spins perpetually!

  4. Winter Oleg says:

    Переключение магнитных полей давно реализовано. Эти агрегаты называются электрические машины. В этом ролике слесарь показывает как с помощью своих рук он переключает магнитные поля, и только. Переключение магнитных полей тоже существует, но он требует потребления энергии. А эта игрушка не чего не производит, но вот потреблять потребляет, слесаря кормить надо, время от времени.

  5. T1000LTU says:

    Not bad but why nobody use mother Nature’s duality way? Each resistance is cancelled there and this is main point where everyone miss while playing with magnets and trying to make motors:

    Cancel unneeded attraction or deflection with other pair of magnets and leave only force that can do work… 🙂

    Good luck!

  6. map425 says:

    zeitgiest is just one of the sources out there. i don’t have opinion on anything because i always strive to make my life and the people around me happy. the fact is it uses less energy than the fuel burning trains, it has not derailed yet. i am just saying there are better more efficient ways. to live. ALOHA my brada off grid and free

  7. Ultimah says:

    Nice continue your work! one day you will crack the puzzle.

  8. ZiggyD12 says:

    Dude, you’re awesome keep experimenting. I hope you get your own discovery channel show. Respect.

  9. sahaja75 says:

    Man, why you’re so lost ? What do you looking for ? Don’t you get it ? God gave you all you need – an excellent Galaxy, Beautiful Solar system and Wonderful Planet, a nice life and even more lovely friends… What else do you want? Oh… a pet? Well, you have a gracious car my friend – take care of that PERPETUUM MOBILE, coz one day it’s not going to be there… to enjoy your eyes. Leave all these crabs ! They just not give you the right way ! Look around, see the Life…

  10. map425 says:

    elijahlucian, who are you to judge. at least some people are thinking outside of this man made box with laws and limits. travel the world and you will see that these systems are being used.

  11. Elijah Lucian says:

    wow. another zeitgiest idiot.

    magnetic rail systems uses ELECTRO magnets meaning they are ENERGIZED and CONSUMING energy – NOT CREATING IT

    get a life and stop fearmonging, zeitgeist fag.

  12. Elijah Lucian says:

    wow. i actually watched 7 minutes of a guy rolling steel balls on a table….

  13. Calvin Allred says:

    What if you let the ball fall off the track at the end (have the magnets ascend further than the track) and let gravity pull the ball back down another track below that ramps up to the initial track putting the ball back at phase 1? Use the magnets to “lift” the ball and let gravity pull it back down.

  14. Christopher Jones says:

    the train uses electricity and this guy doesn’t have that advantage… work it out…

  15. Christopher Jones says:

    Get a science text book for kids and it will explain in there why this won’t work…

  16. 1nV1nC1Bl3BaLaM says:


  17. map425 says:

    they use this in japan for a train system, that works.it goes 360mph and is friction less.open your eyes america please google zeitgeist

  18. cloudburstlenepmhq says:

    Free energy has been here for a while ,But the Oil companies want these technologies unknown to the masses,Check this free energy magnet motor at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,Be a part of the energy revolution!

  19. madrobo says:

    What if the track had a very gradual curve until it ran back to the start? Wouldn’t you have an endless spinning ball that got faster and faster as it went around the track? That has GOT to be worth something for some kind of use.

  20. TheBillythekid2010 says:

    Man you drilled all them holes!

  21. leobluesy says:

    Im no expert… just understanding how this works… yes like a magnetic ramp effect. The breaking free from the last magnets Im guessing.. will be a problem..even if the ball could free run in an external loop back into the start. Fascinating though.

  22. perplexfraction says:

    Free Energy is real but the coverup is strong, if you are interested in a REAL free energy machine then

    just search for the LT MAGNET MOTOR in the youtube video search , it is probably the ONLY working magnet

    motor out there. Join the free energy revolution!!

  23. ragingelephants2005 says:

    would this work if you built a spiral? would it keep climbing to the top?

  24. aaaaaaaars says:

    nvr mind i see it stops at the end

  25. aaaaaaaars says:

    So if it the ball has enough speed at the end and you redirect the track to the beginning, (in other words if the track is a circle or an elipse or like a rectangle or square with curves, whichever works best) it will be in perpetual motion?

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