Great Big Sea – Recruiting Sargeant

Off The Album: Play. -1997-

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  1. chinary8 says:

    Well.. thanks for that. Good to know that bit of history. Let’s face it the Brits loved getting into wars the Canadians and Newfoundlanders did the hardest work in.

  2. Plo Koon says:

    Long live the Newfoundland Regiment! One of the bravest armies of the whole war!

  3. 10010110100102Error says:

    So it’s “Bue Puttees”? Sorry, but for me they always sang “Blue Baties” …
    Anyways, thank you for telling me. It’s always great to learn more.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  4. CaptainKilljoy says:

    The Bue Puttees, better known as the Royal Newfounldand Regiment, were a militia group enlisted in Newfoundland during the first world war. They were founded to serve the british army. During the first world war, they were the only north american regiment to fight in Gallipoli. Later, they were virtually wiped out at Beaumont-Hamel. This is why they celebrate memorial day on July 1st.

    More detailed reading can be found on Wikipedia if you search for Royal Newfoundland Regiment.

  5. 10010110100102Error says:

    I’m sorry for not knowing, but who were the blue baties (if I wrote it correct)? from the text it sounds like they were soldiers from newfoundland in the second world war, but I don’t know the truth, so maybe someone finds the time to help?

  6. NorseWarriorKing says:

    I dunno, it sounds pretty pro-war to me. I’d gladly die for a song like this to be written about me.

  7. AResidentoftheCosmos says:

    The original song was actually pro war: the version by Great Big Sea is a deconstruction of it.

  8. quinchypig2 says:

    a great song
    i loove music from back home i miss newfoundland quite dearly

  9. Tommy Bell says:

    Awesome song!

  10. brandon neville says:

    god its so hard to find this song by great big sea thanks for uplodeing it

  11. shantyman101 says:

    A modern version of an anti-war song dating back to Queen Anne and the Wars of Succession; and the message must never be lost.

  12. NovaScotian1992 says:

    Not a problem!

  13. N64fules101 says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! im singing this for our rememberance day ceremony

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