Gravity Falls – Not What He Seems – Meet The Author

See my analysis! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYKHngu2Cis Clip recorded by: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMysteryofGF Twitter ▻ http://bit.ly/AuthorTweet and http://twitter.com/mrsamstream …
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  1. narbys says:

    laat at the little things: you see dippers forehais tattoo thing REALLY
    good and mostly you don’t see it. Also the author had a gun on his back and
    didn’t seem very happy(btw he lokked so freaking badass) WHAT DID HAPPEN
    AND THE DARKNESS? (the 2 signs of the portal are a code and it means that
    the darkness is still coming) 

  2. NintendoWizard456 says:

    I have a theory that why stan really tried hard to keep this from the kids
    was because he knew they would always listen to the book (especially about
    the tearing apart the universe page). So if you left it on stanley would be
    saved, but if they pressed the red button that would start the apocalypse
    (what mcgucket was talking about) tell me what you think in the comments
    and please +1

  3. WeezyIsTactiic says:

    my theory: We know that Grunkle Stanford, McGucket, and the Author were the
    team working on the portal 30 years ago. (we know this from the THREE
    manual override keys)

    I believe that soon after McGucket left, (he said he left the project in
    “The Society Of The Blindeye,) Stanford wanted to get the portal working –
    regardless of the consequences. (I believe it was Stanford not the Author
    that did this because of the Author’s warnings about the potential
    destruction of earth in invisible ink)

    And on that fateful day 30 years ago, because of Stanford’s relentlessness
    to get the portal working, I think the Author got sucked in – or possibly
    pushed in.
    Stanford realized he had just gotten his own brother stuck in another
    dimension so he faked his brother’s death so nobody asked questions about
    “where is “Stanley?” and spent 30 years changing his identity to collect
    (steal) everything he needed to get is brother back.

    BUT what still throws me off is when the shapeshifter said “that 6 fingered
    fool hasn’t been himself in 30 years.” – does that mean the fake IDs are
    the author’s? Or does that just mean that when he got sucked into the
    portal, he changed somehow (because he didn’t look too friendly when he
    came out of the portal :/ ) Maybe those two symbols on the portal when he
    comes out – which means Darkness is coming – is a warning about the
    author???or Bill???

    Now, I also think that Bill may have played a roll in the Author’s
    disappearance. Let me explain why:

    The Author and Bill clearly knew each other. We know this from
    “Dreamscapers” – when Bill thinks to himself “Stan Pines…” (Soon we will
    see that vision)
    We also know this from the journal pages. “Beware Bill – the most powerful
    and dangerous creature I have ever encountered. Whatever you do – never let
    him into your mind.”
    1 – How would the author know not to let Bill into your mind unless it
    happened to him or someone he knew.
    2 – It’s extremely possible that the author summoned Bill at one point.

    Maybe Bill tried to shut down the portal as they we’re activating it and
    took the Author with him into it, or maybe Bill came out of the portal.

    Either way I think Bill has something to do with the portal. And the
    apocalypse has been set in motion by opening the portal – that’s why
    McGucket ran. Bill is coming and it’s going to be amazing.

    Aliens are a possibility… I suppose. With the spaceship like hole in the
    cliffs and the alien photo from the credits. I’m pretty sure aliens aren’t
    going to make an appearance in the show, but who knows.

    please comment your opinion – I’d be glad to hear them.

  4. GlitchyShadow137 says:

    I just showed this episode to my brother and he fucking loved it.

  5. Mr.Nach47 says:

    What an amazing animation had this scene

  6. Dylan Spencer says:

    I was speechless when I first saw this

  7. EnderBoss 900 says:

    I swear, this is like, probably the new biggest thing on Youtube.

  8. William Timms says:

    It feels so weird, for so long this was a driving question both in the show
    and in the community. It took a huge blow when it disproved mcgucket. But
    now there is just this big empty spot, I can’t even see a way for the show
    to go now. Its all so weird and I don’t like it!!!!

  9. chickenofrobot567 says:

    “Mabel, look into my eyes! Do you really think I’m a bad guy?”

  10. The Gaming Geek RX says:

    Is it just me or did the author look pretty pissed. Also BEST EPISODE EVER

  11. Lightning strike260 says:

    Turn the brother’s hair yellow and you got your self a ssj

  12. Poofgirl Productions says:

    I think it’s the music when The Author leaves the portal that really makes
    this scene.

  13. Elijah Suarez says:

    The best part of the episode.

  14. Darkgrief1909 says:


  15. Charles Hobbs says:

    The fact that this is a family dispute, and that all the characters
    ‘trusted each other’ before they spilledvthe beans really hits hard in this
    scene – especially the really strong bond between Mabel and Dipper being
    shattered by one button – damn.

  16. H Nickel says:


  17. Mohammed Almekhled says:


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