Graduate Recruitment: How Can a Graduate Improve Their Chances of Employment

Graduate Recruitment: How Can a Graduate Improve Their Chances of Employment

Article by Martyn Wentworth

You have finally received your long sought after degree. After years of studying, tests, term papers, and cramming, you are now the proud holder of a degree in a specialized area of study. Now you need a job. An online recruitment agency is one way for a graduate like yourself to help improve your chances of employment.

An online recruitment agency works to pair graduates with employers by submitting them for vacancies. Potential employers list vacancies with agencies for specific positions that need to be filled in their companies. They may choose this method if they are understaffed for recruitment or if they do not wish for their competitors to know they are recruiting.

Recruitment agencies often specialize in specific kinds of work and are paid by employers to help them in filling particular positions. With online agencies you have the opportunity to post your application on the website for potential employers to review. This option can give you a great deal of reach as it is done online.

After you find potential employment via a recruitment agency there are several steps you can take to further improve your chances of securing the job. From having your full CV in order to practicing answering questions, ample preparation will help you better present yourself as a responsible, capable, and confident individual. These are characteristics employers are looking for, and displaying them from the beginning will work to your advantage.

Update your resume and references and bring a fresh copy to the interview. Keep to the facts and keep all information short and to the point. Practice answering questions thoroughly yet efficiently. If you tend to ramble, practice focusing your answers to the facts or shorter sentences and if the interviewer is looking for more of an answer this will be clear. If there are common questions you typically struggle with during an interview, practice an answer beforehand. Knowing what you will say can help keep you calm and avoid uncomfortable moments.

Do some research on the company and the role to which you are applying for and this will equip you to speak knowledgably throughout the interview and show that you care about the position and a potential place in the company and not just about securing a job. Displaying a pointed interest in that particular company lets an employer know that you will invest in the company and so become a valuable asset. Consider preparing some pointed questions to show you care about your role in a company.

Having an education and a degree is a high standing achievement. But a degree or diploma is useless if a graduate is never able to attain employment that is relevant to the years of study they have invested. Using an online recruitment agency can expose your qualifications to countless employers greatly increasing your chances of employment.

About the Author

Martyn is an expert in online recruitment and has noticed in particular the rise and benefit of flat fee and low cost recruitment models in the UK and beyond in recent years.

Martyn is a recruitment consultant who has an active interest in the employment industry. He thinks that given the current economic climate, it is more important than ever to help the unemployed and with the introduction of an online recruitment agency, it is easy for businesses to find applicants. For more information companies should seek professional advice from experts such as RecruitmentRevolution.com.

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