Google’s search traffic formula finally revealed. See how getting free traffic is now easy.

Google’s search traffic formula finally revealed. See how getting free traffic is now easy.

Article by Neilalan

Google has always kept under wraps their secret search traffic formula that determines the organic listings in the results of searches on Google. Knowing just how to structure web pages to achieve good rankings on Google is vital for anyone who wants their web site to get free traffic from folks searching the web. Appearing on the first page of Google guarantees reliable and free traffic to that web site.

Experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have constantly been looking for the best way to help their clients rank on the first page of Google to get free traffic to their web sites, but that goal has been both elusive and a moving target, as Google’s search traffic formula has been a closely guarded secret.

Recently, Ryan Deiss, a well know Guru in internet marketing has revealed what years of research has taught him and his staff about Google’s search traffic formula and created a product called Perpetual Traffic Formula. The product sold for almost 00 and provided detailed steps and processes to acheive a high ranking in Google. But Ryan Deiss revealed Google’s search traffic formula to the world for free.

Ryan Deiss provided proof that Google’s search traffic formula now consists of three parts and he explained how the parts fit together. The first two parts were always believed by experts to be part of Google’s formula; back links from well trafficked web sites, and web pages correctly structured with keywords and tags.

It was the revelation of the third part of Google’s search traffic formula that provided the final clue as to how to rank in the first page of Google. According to Ryan Deiss, his research has uncovered that Google’s search traffic formula now considers “activity” when ranking web sites. Activity is defined as searchers landing on the web site page and interacting in some way. Blogs are the perfect example of sites that have activity. People leaving comments on a blog, shows Google that the site is valuable to searchers and Google will rank it higher than sites with little activity.

Knowing that Google’s search traffic formula consists of three parts makes it much easier to begin the process of getting a web site ranked on the first page of Google. The basic steps are, first, create a web site with a keyword rich domain name and make sure that each page contains the proper keyword in H1 tags, title tags and image tags. Second, write good original content that other web sites will want to link to. And third, provide that content in a blog format and encourage searchers to comment.

With all of these three elements in place, Google will determine that the web site is valuable to searchers and will reward it with a higher ranking in the search page results.

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