Google Recruitment Video

If you ever wondered what makes companies great – it’s people! And want to know how to attract, recruit and KEEP the very best people? Watch this video, pack your stuff at work and go find a real job. Best of luck!
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  1. gogolelov says:

    Best place to wrk

  2. madmoody79 says:

    @GreenGumbyBear she isn’t black dude , or is she:S .. wtf..

  3. k24bfan says:

    I like how a lot of google videos I have seen have foreign workers…tells you something about America…

  4. FlameHue says:


  5. svgyouth says:

    help!! i downloaded google chrome and it doesn’t appear on my home page what do i do?

  6. anthonyhasaliby says:

    pause @ 6:43

  7. mousefanatic says:

    @manns101101 I went to the office in NY, it was awesome. They used scooters to travel around the hallways and had an xbox set up and massage chairs. Basically from what I understand, they don’t have real hours, just final deadlines for things. But seriously why would you not be motivated by the amount of effort they put into keeping you happy? To get in you truly have to be the best which usually comes with an awesome work ethic.

  8. GreenGumbyBear says:


  9. MyTACOBURRITO says:

    she looks…………stupid  ( i dont know how to describe it)..it just bugs me..O_o

  10. guideyoutoeasymoney says:

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  11. jalanparidedap says:

    that girl at 1:50 is pretty

  12. McCelt81 says:

    Sounds fishy – everyone is happy, excited, full of ideas and NONE of them say a bad thing about anything connected with their jobs – WTF? – paradise? I hardly think so

  13. blocbonbon says:

    the woman looks VERY american.

  14. yagozxzx says:

    @BishopMoore4Life just the shoes?

  15. robobrain10000 says:

    GOOGLE … speechless.

  16. olivia13june says:



  17. olivia13june says:


  18. olivia13june says:


  19. olivia13june says:


  20. bala0081752 says:

    go to youwintube(dot)com to win prizes!

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