Google Rebrands Picasa and Blogger

chris.pirillo.com – Two of Google’s best-known products are being renamed, according to some reports. Picasa is set to become Google Photos, and Blogger is potentially being rebranded as Google blogs. This is part of an overall strategy to bring their social properties together under Google+ to build a more well-rounded platform around the new social network. In a recent Q&A thread on Google+, Jorge asked, “What do you think about Google rebranding Picasa and Blogger?” It’s clear that Google has an overlying strategy in place. They have turned what many, including myself, assumed would be another half-hearted attempt to build a social network in to a feasible competitor to Facebook. By bringing in their various services and creating seamless integration, they may even redefine how many current Google users think of the Internet. What do you think? chris.pirillo.com http empireavenue.com

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  1. oneilljstn says:

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  2. MrEarthtangle says:

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  3. videoproducer100 says:

    I think rebranding Picasa and Blogger is a dumb idea. Everybody knows them because of those names, and I just think it is a dumb marketing move.

  4. chrisw443 says:

    @Glennoboyo I wouldnt do that yet, id wait because i see facebook and google + being the two things everyones got. until facebook goes the way of myspace best not to delete it

  5. MrAppleFingers says:

    @MrDHA55 ok? is there a problem with agreeing?

  6. eah2119 says:

    lol. I had fun with the number keys for 15 minutes.

  7. eah2119 says:

    The thumbnail of this video looks like he’s sleeping.

  8. Technoguy3 says:

    Google+ looks cool. I want it to kill Facebook, but I don’t think it will. At least not for a while until Facebook screws up as badly as Myspace.

  9. MrDHA55 says:

    @MrAppleFingers exactly what he said within the first 15 seconds.

  10. sonic3243 says:

    Soon, YouTube will be called GVideo or something Google.

  11. harisenbon7777777 says:

    Chris, there is too much light in several videos recently. The videos are looking washed out. Save some power and turn of some of your mega beams 😉

  12. mrmouseboy2 says:

    I really want to use Google+.

  13. MrAppleFingers says:

    im surprised picasa wasnt changed soooner

  14. darkstar744 says:

    i really liked orkut

  15. gariouscom says:

    I agree, it’s a long overdue!

  16. Glennoboyo says:

    @ZeroC0ol1989 It is an interesting idea, but I think with social networking it is one or the other. You can’t really have half of your friends in one place and half in the other.

  17. ZeroC0ol1989 says:

    I have a feeling that there will be no winner between Facebook and Google+
    It probably will be pretty much like Mac vs PC
    Some people will use Google+ some people will continue to use Facebook

  18. waves36012 says:

    Any who wants a Google+ invite pm me

  19. teamsiems says:

    But I don’t want to dump my Pro subscription to flickr. I don’t see Picasa doing what flickr does.

  20. videoproducer100 says:

    Thats a stupid idea, I mean how could they make the names any more boring. Google Photos and Google Blogs? Plus everyone knows them by their current names, so it’d be a dumb move to change it.

  21. bwillwall says:

    I wish google never bought youtube… they turned it into crap. I mean just look at the current layout!

  22. WirSindRocker says:

    Why does youtube not have an google+ icon?

  23. s8c0t8t says:

    So does this mean that Youtube is going to be rebranded as Google Videos?

  24. TheSbzStudios says:

    I enjoy Picasa.

  25. jvdanilo says:

    Just so you know, Google stopped developing Picasa for Linux.

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