Google Plus Features- Social Networking

Google Plus Features- Social Networking

Article by Jesse Heisenberg

Top Networking Sites like Facebook, Myspace offer free social networking service. What do they get out of it? Well, thats a good question. You are using the website and almost always come back to check the comments, pics or to update your stuff online. So you`ll be seeing the ads on the sites and are more probable to buy the stuff displayed online. Thats the benefit but its a WIN-WIN situation.

Google also has launched its own social network – Google plus. Many people know just this however there are many hidden surprises.

Well it has many interesting features which make it as popular as Facebook.

One feature Facebook has as of now is the customized URL or link to your page. For example if your name is Mark Zuckerberg then you can signup with facebook with your name and get your name in the profile ID by default.

In order to overcome this challenge, Google has come up with a brilliant idea of URL shortening.

Google Plus has given three ways to make an ID link of your choice :

a) plus.ly

plus.ly is one of the services which works like other two features. You just need to choose your username and the Google Plus ID and then you are good to go. So instead of giving your friends your long string number of Google plus ID (which doesn`t look good and difficult/impossible to remember), you can just give your cool “goodlooking” link.

Checkout how to find out Google+ ID ?

The custom URL created by plus.ly looks like plus.ly/IncredibleIndia

Cool ? Yeah, right !

b) gplus.to

Its an easy to use free service by google to get a custom URL for your Google+ profile. It gives you profile URL like gplus.to/username. Its fun and you can choose almost any username provided it follows the instructions.

Like I chose gplus.to/SocialNetworking

To create a short URL you just need to enter your nick name and Google+ profile ID which you can easily obtain from your profile.

Google+ ID looks like 102719xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Your nick name could be 3 characters to 25 characters.

c) glpl.us

As soon as you visit this link then you`ll see this :

Create a short URL for your Google+ profile

1 Choose your nickname

2 Enter your Google+ ID

And bingo! You got new nickname for ur id.

These links work once for one google plus id.

You can use any one of them or all of them to shorten the link for your Google Plus profile. At the time of writing this post, very few people know about these advanced features for Social networking

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