Google Exposed

The video description was too long to fit into a video, so click here on my Blog for all the links happycabbie.blogspot.com Now a personal message to YouTube/Google staff who may feel that this video is targeting them individually. happycabbie.blogspot.com The following YouTuber’s helped make this video possible. The Thumbnail and title was created by www.youtube.com The value of pseudonymity was written by www.youtube.com and performed by www.youtube.com The music was generated by a loop that comes with Ulead Studio Pro X3.

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  1. ZaishiFilms says:

    So… you have to find them on YouTube to be able to send them a message once you’ve found them on Google+ ??? Ermmmm… just send them a message on Google+ !!!

  2. bigbird19 says:

    just went to my google+ and changed my name, account suspended after i clicked. google is GOVERNMENT run anyways, and we all know what happens when gov. gets a hold of anything it fucks it and tries to take ur money in some way

  3. HappyCabbie says:

    @liddlefella222 the point is I caught Google employees doing the exact same thing that they were banning others for doing.

  4. liddlefella222 says:

    I think we got the fact in the first 2 min m8 that! you had your account blocke!…so did i!..so i put my real name!!!!….Now ! what is the point of the rest of the 50 odd min video?.
    I did like the middle bit and all the naming drops! but!….What is your other point?

  5. sugarloveslucy says:

    your fat ugly and shorten your video no one wants to see you

  6. worldofapp says:

    great video

  7. HappyCabbie says:

    @VidsBySS yes I heard about that about a week or so ago.  I need to do a follow up on that

  8. VidsBySS says:

    I just read an article that says that Google will soon allow people to use pseudonyms on Google Plus.

  9. Matchfyre says:

    Brilliant! and shared

  10. HappyCabbie says:

    @CrankX666 actually you do care about the shirt, that is the reason you brought it up.

  11. CrankX666 says:

    I don’t care where you got your shirt, you’re not a player.
    My comment on your other video only made you so butt hurt because I pointed out how much of a retarded twat you are.

  12. HappyCabbie says:

    @JesterAzazel You knew it was a 54 minute video before you even clicked on it.

    Second of all this is a shirt sold in the Google Store. By the way due to your comment about preteens on my other video, you are blocked

  13. JesterAzazel says:

    Too long, didn’t watch.

    Why would someone make a shirt that says “player” in that size?

  14. wtf123389 says:

    r u serious 1 hour!

  15. wtf123389 says:

    r u serious 1 hour!

  16. FANNYLEROUX says:

    this video is just epic, big kudos to all the work you’ve done for this cabbie. I’ve never signed up to google+ and never will. If twitter or facebook delete me, fair enough, i lose my account on their website, if google delete me, then we run into problems.

  17. ZarlanTheGreen says:

    @CuriousNYButterfly “Wow you’re funny *rolls eyes*”

    Given that I made nothing that even resembled a joke, I find that comment rather weird.

    “I just asked because a lot of people I know use fake names, and many of them are obviously fake.”

    How is that, in any way, relevant?

  18. CuriousNYButterfly says:

    @ZarlanTheGreen Wow you’re funny *rolls eyes* …I just asked because a lot of people I know use fake names, and many of them are obviously fake.

  19. HappyCabbie says:

    @bdawgfilms a few of the channels listed here did put on friend lock and delete comments

  20. bdawgfilms says:

    thats effed up, did “tallin” or anyone else from google respond to this video???

  21. allthelostones says:

    @HappyCabbie That is just what he did lol

  22. HappyCabbie says:

    @allthelostones he must have set it to friends only as a result of this video LOLs

  23. allthelostones says:

    matt cutts wont let you send mail

  24. allthelostones says:

    I used this video to my advantage I emailed a few of those people.

  25. HappyCabbie says:

    @tulleuchen indeed

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